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Happy Anniversary

Wedding marks the day that two souls come together to share all ups and downs of life. This day is so special that it deserves to be celebrated every year with special celebrations and wishes.

The anniversary signifies the fact that the couple’s relation has sailed through the many storms that life has thrown towards them. A wedding anniversary is a great day to celebrate the emotions and feelings that make the marriage work and stay strong.

So on this day be thankful and feel lucky to have one another for better or worse. Forgetting anniversaries has always been a joke but that is not true because how can someone forget that special day which changed his/her life forever.

Marriage should be like an old wine that tends to get better as the years pass by. Make sure your marriage is just like that. Every year your marriage date comes back to mark the 365 days that you have passed together and another new set that is to start in which you will stay together creating more memories to cherish for life.

Not all days are the same; some are filled with happiness while others are bad. The good moments are the ones when the couples need to be rejoicing and feel how happy they are together. While in the bad moments you can remember your marriage vows and feel lucky to have each other to strive through the tough times.

Celebrating an anniversary includes cake, candles along with some great wishes, greetings and messages. The various wishes include good wishes for the couple and their bright future that is full of laughter, joy and happiness. The wishes, greetings and messages are to let the couple rejoice the milestone they have reached in their relationship. Share warm greetings so that another precious memory is created on the anniversary of your friends and family members.

You can also present your better half with great quotes made by famous personalities. The various quotes available celebrate the love that a couple share in their life. Couples go through a whole lot of trials and tribulations but a strong marriage that is filled with happiness helps you to get through with a smile. Quotes can be a great teaching for a long and strong married life. Some of the quotes are funny while other teaches you the deep meaning of marriage.

So the option is yours whether you want to send great wishes, greetings and messages or a wonderful quote. 123NewYear presents some of the most beautiful wishes and great quotes that are sure to make the anniversary special. The greetings and wishes available definitely mimic the lovely effervescence of the couple’s love.

The various wishes, quotes, messages and greetings help you celebrate the anniversary of loved ones. Some of the messages are meant for someone special. You have greetings that are meant for other couples or specifically your better half.

The various wishes and greetings that are available are meant for:

    • For Friends: You have seen your friends love blossom in front of your eyes that turned into a wonderful harmonious marriage. Send in your lovely wishes, greetings and messages for your friends and let them know how special you think their relation is.


    • For Parents: Since childhood the love that your parents shared was evident. They have kept it alive for so many years through their strong marriage. Celebrate this love and show them how much they mean to you with the anniversary wishes, greetings and messages from 123NewYear.


    • For Wife: She has been with your pillar of support and strength from day one.  Your wife is that best friend with whom you can share all your worries. Let her know how much you love her with beautiful anniversary wishes, greetings and more to make it memorable.


    • For Husband: You husband has stuck with you through thick and thin. He has provided his shoulders to lean on whenever you were feeling low. Your anniversary is the best day to celebrate your love and tell him how special he is for you. Celebrate this special day with your better half with romantic wishes and greetings.


    • For Siblings: Your brother or sister was lucky to marry the love of their life. Your brother/sister has been your best friends since you were little kids. Let your warm heartfelt wishes reach them through sweet anniversary greetings and messages available at 123NewYear. These wishes are sure to make the day much more bright and full of happiness.


If you are looking for quotations to express your love for your husband/wife then 123NewYear is the right place for you. Apart from wishes, greetings and messages you can also find romantic and funny quotes that make your anniversary special. Various quotes are available for couples that are dedicated to love and marriage made by famous personalities.

With these quotes you will definitely have a sweet and wonderful anniversary with your beloved. Some of the quotes that can be found at 123NewYear are meant especially for your better half for this special day.

Anniversaries are meant to celebrate the memories of the past, happiness of today and the joys of the future. The love quotes we present celebrate that and the meaning of the quotes make your anniversary joyous and your marriage fill up with love. For husband and wife, quotes are there that give perfect definition to your love and happiness you feel to spend the rest of your lives together.

So celebrate the love that has brought you together and the many more years of togetherness, making this day special with the anniversary wishes, quotes, greetings and messages. Hope you find the one that you absolutely love and truly express your feeling. You can share these as a text message on the phone, send an email or via other media.

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