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Happy Birthday

Birthday comes around once a year and is really special for each and every one. It is that one day when everything is about the birthday boy or girl. From the party to all other celebrations are centered on this one person. With each birthday the person grows a year older as well as a year wiser.

Candles, cakes and balloons are a wonderful way to celebrate the past year and a way to welcome another year filled with love, happiness and good luck.

Birthday’s let you wish for a wonderful life ahead and blowing out the candles signify that all the wishes in the heart may come true. With one birthday gone, everybody looks forward to the next one and wish that it is much more special than the last one.

Though birthdays center on the birthday girl or boy but celebrating it alone can be really dull. Apart from cake, balloons and candles; wishes, greetings and cards can also make birthdays special.

So family and friends can join in on the celebration and make the birthday really special with wonderful wishes, greetings, messages and cards.

Wishes can be for children from their parents, grandchildren can wish grandparents on their birthday or spouses can wish each other on their birthday. Even friends can wish their friends on their birthday. Each wish, greeting and card is different from the other and meant for someone special in your life.

123NewYear brings for you various greetings, wishes and cards to help you celebrate your loved ones birthday and convey your heartfelt wishes. Birthday wishes, greetings, cards and messages for relations like mom-dad, son-daughter, husband-wife, sister-brother are available.

You can also find birthday wishes, messages and more for the extended family as well including aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandparents, god parents and others.

Apart from planning birthday parties and other celebrations, here are some of the ways you can convey your feelings:

    • Birthday Wishes: Send in wonderful hand-crafted wishes, available at 123NewYear, to your loved ones. These birthday wishes will surely add extra cheer to your friends and loved one’s birthday. With these birthday wishes make the day much more special and let them speak what you truly feel.


    • Birthday Greetings: Greetings on a birthday makes your friends and family feel how much you love them. The greetings that we have are carefully thought about and created to convey your love and gratitude. So go ahead and choose one of the many birthday greetings available that perfectly state your feelings.


    • Birthday Messages: Birthday messages can be long or short depending how you send them. They can be sent via e-mail or via SMS.


    • Via SMS – When the clock strikes 12 at night you may not be present to wish your loved one on their birthday. We have come up with some sweet and short birthday messages that can be used to wish family and friends via the phone over SMS.


    • Via e-mail – Send in your heartfelt wishes via the e-mail. 123NewYear has many lovely birthday messages that can definitely put a smile on the face of your loved one.


    • Birthday Cards: Cards are a great way to send in your birthday wishes. When you receive a beautiful birthday card in hand an automatic smile appears on your loved one’s face. Nowadays you might be far away to hand the birthday card yourself or send one by mail. So do so via e-mail with an e-Card. These e-Cards can be of various types, here are some:


    • Funny e-Cards:  These are meant to remind you that you are still a child at heart and can enjoy your birthday in the way you want to. Hilarious messages are sure to bring joy and laughter. So wait no more send out these birthday cards at 123NewYear and spread the birthday cheer.


    • Singing & talking e-Card: Funny songs and wishes as well as beautiful birthday songs and wishes feature in these cards.


    • Relationship e-Cards: Send you family members great birthday wishes with these beautiful birthday cards meant specifically for a particular family member.


    • Zodiac e-Cards: If you know that Zodiac sign of your loved one send them a birthday card meant for their zodiac sign.


    • Belated birthday e-Card: If you have forgotten the birthday of a family member or friend. Do not worry, send them a belated birthday card and they will surely forgive you.


You can also find great wishes, greetings and messages are also available for celebrating birthday of important people and special ones.

    • For boss and office colleagues: Sending out birthday wishes to your boss and colleagues can make you very popular in the office; 123NewYear has some great wishes for boss and colleagues.


    • For Milestone birthdays: Whether it is 25th birthday, 50th birthday or 100th birthday, we have a huge collection of wishes meant for all these milestone birthdays and the other ones in between.


    • For pets: your pet’s birthday must be special for you for all the happiness and fun that they have given you. Celebrate their birthday with special birthday wishes, greetings and cards that are available.


    • For Friends: Finding a true friend, who never leaves your side through thick or thin, is difficult and rare. Having a great friend is a blessing. So celebrate the birthday of this true friend with great birthday wishes, greetings and more.


Blessings from elders on birthdays can make fill the birthday boy or girl’s life with happiness and good luck. So send in your lovely birthday blessings that will definitely make the birthday very special for your loved one.

Special people in your life never forget to wish you on your birthday so why not send some good wishes their way as well. Great thank you wishes are available that help you say thank you for the birthday wishes they have sent you. Thank them and show your gratitude for their lovely wishes and love.

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