Leo and Cancer can beautifully complement each other if they are ready to adjust to each other’s temperament a little.

Cancer is as intense, sensitive and emotional as its guiding body the Moon. Leo is as warm, vibrant and bold as its guiding star the Sun. As such, while Leo takes charge to add energy and enthusiasm to the relationship, Cancer takes care to nurture it and create emotional connections. Sun symbolizes life, while Moon cultivates growth. The combination of the masculine and feminine traits can make the relationship a positive one as long as they remember to mind the differences.

Cancer being a Water sign is deeply emotional. Leo being a Fire sign is ardently energetic. Although both of them enjoy being in charge, their approaches are different. While Leo is happy under the spotlight, Cancer makes sure of the nitty-gritty that leads to stable security for Cancer. Both of them prefer comfort and security on a grand scale, enjoy the company of family and friends, and warmth of a lovely home. Leo takes care to provide passion to the relationship, while Cancer takes care to nurture it. However, neither should take each other for granted for both of them are very strong minded and opinionated individuals.

Cancer Man and Leo Woman

Leo woman needs love and adoration. Cancer man needs love and devotion. The two need to understand each other’s needs and address them properly. Also both of them should be careful so that they do not rub each other’s sore spots. With some effort and adjustments, this relationship can be worked out.

Cancer Woman and Leo Man

Leo man and Cancer woman both enjoy spending time with their partner, and are loyal and committed to their relationship. Cancer woman craves for devotion and sincerity. Leo man craves for admiration and adoration. Also they are always ready to protect each other – the woman due to her instincts, and the man due to his valor. All these ensure a happy bonding.

When Cancer and Leo fall in love, they have to understand how to match up to each other’s need for emotional support. Both these sun signs look for tender loving care from their partner. Both of them are sincere and dedicated towards their relationship and also their partner. However, they differ in their emotional requirements. Leo appreciates being pampered and feels happy when their partner strokes their pride and ego – however, the appreciation should be sincere. Cancer strives for emotional harmony and stability. Both of them are extremely loyal and possessive – Leo to satisfy self confidence, Cancer to be protective of their partner and relationship. They are both committed to endure so as to make the relationship a rewarding one. Although their temperaments are different, their desires are similar – this makes them fill up the voids in each other’s heart perfectly. When Leo takes the lead, and Cancer is happy to follow the trails, a perfect union can be formed.

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