Gemini and Cancer would share a curious relationship when in love. Sensitive and emotional Cancer attaches a lot of importance to home and hearth.

Gemini is all about silver tongue and frivolous nature. The duality in Gemini’s nature hampers the equilibrium and stable security that Cancer strives for at all times. Cancer tries to slow the frenzied pace in which Gemini wants to travel. Gemini on the other hand encourages Cancer to be more outgoing and communicative.

Ruled by the Moon, the emotional Cancer is more about bottling up feelings deep inside. Cancer is very intuitive and possessive about their partner. Gemini’s bubbly exuberance can be attributed to its ruling Planet Mercury that influences communication. Gemini is always at a rush to get to new things, impatient to jump from one to the other even at the flip of a second. Cancer is more thoughtful and serious about accomplishing commitments. They may balance out their flaws if they decide to work together. Gemini is an Air Sign while Cancer is a Water sign. The emotions as deep as ocean may sometimes dampen enthusiasm that is as light as the air. The Water may feel ruffled by the whirlwind. Both need to step back and try to understand and think of things from the other’s perspective.

Gemini just needs to assure Cancer about her/his sincerity towards the partnership, and Cancer would in turn be the most pampering and indulging partner on earth. After all, the best partnerships are always made when intellect marries emotions to strike the right balance.

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is smitten by the sheer energy that a Gemini man radiates. On the other hand, the Gemini man will feel attracted towards the sensitive charm and soft mannerisms of the Cancer woman. But with the lapse of time, his strong sense of rationality will clash with her intense emotions. Also, his aversion to commitment may make the woman feel uncared for.

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man

Cancer man is possessive and insecure. He constantly needs assurance of belonging. His insecurity may even border around suspicion. Her exuberant nature may just add fuel to it. After the initial periods of passionate attraction, Cancer’s need to settle down into a steady commitment may not gel with Gemini’s indecisive nature.

Gemini and Cancer have very different ways of looking at life. They thrive on different principles. Gemini is more words than action, while Cancer is about action rather than empty promises. Although they both enjoy wit, humor and are stimulated by intellect, Gemini is by nature flirtatious and does not like to get into commitment easily while stability and security is a necessary condition for Cancer in any relationship. What could make the relationship tick is the fact that the strong communication skills of Gemini would make Cancer wriggle out of its shell while Cancer would bring in security and stability in the life of Gemini.

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