Virgo is logical; Aquarius is passionate. Virgo is organized, Aquarius is impulsive. Virgo is performer; Aquarius is dreamer. Virgo is levelheaded; Aquarius is temperamental.

Virgo likes sticking to routine; Aquarius is always in favor of out of the box. Virgo is intellectual; Aquarius is spiritual. Aquarius simply walks towards whatever catches their fancy. Virgo always carefully weighs pros and cons before taking a step.

Initially Virgo may get thrilled and excited by Aquarius’ ideologies. Aquarius falls for the smooth talker that Virgo is. However Virgo’s sharp analysis followed by criticism is something that will annoy the artist in Aquarius. Virgo in turn finds it difficult to understand the rash and impulsive decisions or actions that Aquarius indulges into. But as they get to know one another, Virgo learns to enjoy how Aquarius spices up their lives, while Aquarius starts depending upon the solid security that Virgo provides.

Virgo is ruled by Planet Mercury that imbibes in them excellent communication skills. Aquarius is ruled by the Planets Saturn and Uranus that are respectively related to karma and rebellious nature. Virgo is an Earth sign while Aquarius is an Air sign. One is down to earth while the other is always eager to take flight. At times it becomes very difficult for the partners to put them in each other’s shoes. Conflicts can come up if Virgo gets obsessed with the idea of a perfect relationship to which Aquarius reacts with detached aloofness. Both the partners are very passionate about their thoughts and beliefs. Virgo’s adaptable nature plus practical mind tells them to budge in an argument to prevent it getting out of control.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman

Virgo man is generally placid and accommodating. He tries to bring in security and stability to the life of his partner. However, Aquarius woman may find his kind of lifestyle to be dull. He in turn may find it difficult to match up to the pace of his woman. The woman should give the man strong logic if she wants him by her side in all that she does.

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man

A Virgo woman would initially be fascinated by Aquarius man’s high ideas. However she shall soon feel frustrated as she realizes that her man is all about ideas that he does not necessarily transcend to action. Also his moody nature will irritate her, while her criticisms will spark anger in him.

A love relationship between Virgo and Aquarius may bring out the best or worst in them. Aquarius’ poetic approach to life may not hold grounds before Virgo’s prosaic attitude and logical reasoning. Aquarius is not likely to apply any reason to whatever they do. Virgo is a firm believer of well thought of action plan. However, they both try to fulfill their partner’s wills and wishes, needs and requirements, in their own unique ways. This match grows as the lovers get to know each other better and learn to live with their differences.

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