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New Year Flowers

One of the best gifts as well as decoration pieces for any occasion are flowers, for an occasion of telling your loved ones about how you are sending love and good wishes their way, flowers can come really handy.

So on the occasion of New Year’s we have for you a list of some flowers that can be sent across to your loved as a token of your love and good wishes.

You can choose from an assortment of options like the innocent charm of the white lily, or the hued vibrancy that a rose adds to a room. Be it a tulip that elicits the romance or the sunflower that is a symbol of purity, the flowers are symbolic, meaningful and are enough to set the mood right.


  • Dendrobium Orchids:

The pretty purple hues of this flower are enough to spruce up any place and t a dash of colour, perfect for any pastel room. Fill joy into your loved one’s life as the colour come alive with the vibrancy of the Dendrobium Orchids, that are a symbol of joy and let the flowers usher in happiness in your loved ones’ lives.


  • Stargazer Lilies:

The pretty Star like flowers arranged in a perfect arrangement, with their tiger-like spots are a beautiful sight to behold. The soft pink hues that are matched with darker tones are a delight to behold and add that soft touch to any room, reminding people of happy times bygone and ahead.


  • Gerberas:

One of the essential recipes to the perfect flower arrangements that send the message out loud and clear, vividly hued flowers that retain their freshness for long, Gerberas are sure to do the trick. The Long and lovely stocks of bright hued delights are enough to send the heart in a happy frenzy as variety of hues that the flower comes in make up for an exotic looking arrangement with splashes of colour.


  • Glorious Gladiolus:

Most bouquets or flower arrangements try to incorporate gladiolus in them for their distinctly elegant look, and the uniqueness that the tall stalks can add to any flower arrangement. These slender yet vividly hued flowers can be co-ordinated with a coloured theme, or even as a stand-alone arrangement, that retains an air of elegance and refinement.

  • Rose Arrangements:

Being the classic all-time favourite, roses never go out of style. They are perfect for any occasion be it for lovers or friends or family, the universal symbol of love, these flowers are enough to send the message across. When in doubt, pick a floral arrangement with an assortment of roses that are enough to reflect the love you feel for your loved ones.


  • White Lilies:

There is a reason why the White Lily is coveted, the symbol of purity and simplicity and floral arrangement with a white lily, in its understated white tones, requires almost nothing to send out that aura of calm. With just side assortments of a hint of colour, they are perfect to go and add a unique charm to any space and spread calm around.


Now that you have a fair idea of some of the flowers and flower arrangements that are perfect for a New Year’s cheer, go ahead and get those flower arrangements setting, you can always mix and match the flowers of your choice and create something truly beautiful, befitting the joyous occasion.

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