New year parties are intended for social gatherings to celebrate the usherance of an eventful year ahead. New year dinner party ideas varies from religion to religion depending on one’s tradition and custom.

Like the Jewish on the day of ‘ Rosh Hashanah’ usually focus on consuming fruits, sweet vegetables and honey since they symbolize happiness, wealth and bright future. Apples dipped in honey are a customary tradition in Jewish new year dinner parties.

Special new year dinner recipes like ‘Dilled Gravlax with Mustard Sauce’; ‘Roast Rack Of Lamb with Mint Sauce’; ‘Mushroom-Garlic Tart’ along with champagne and sparkling cider add that extra delight in the new year’s eve party. Since new year’s is an occasion of great fun and frolic new year dinner party games like ‘volleyballoon’, ‘Bubble Wrap Stomp’ and the most exciting ‘ midnight balloon shower’ continues to pnavyominate every new year party.

Various sumptuous new year dinner party menu’s are prepanavy and arranged in the different hotels and restaurants of the city offering great gastronomical delight to the food lovers.A unique feature of the new year festivity is the new year cocktail parties with exciting and entertaining theme events lined up to woo the guests.

As the new year’s eve represent a joyous occasion, starting the occasion with tasty, colorful champagne and virgin cocktails adds to the lively mood of the event. New year beach dinner parties offer the most elating experience with a bonfire and night long merriment where people sway to the foot tapping live music.

Some of the dinner recipes are listed below :

Brined And Roasted Turkey

Roasted turkey is considered to be a special thanksgiving recipe. Different variations are marked in the preparations of brined and roasted turkey recipes around the world. The brining process is believed to be a convenient way of preparing turkey since it adds a soft moisture to the product.

Making of brined and roasted turkey requires special large pot with half a pound of fresh turkey, sugar, kosher salt, small twigs of parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, dill, tarragon, black peppercorns, juniper berries, fennel seed, mustard seed, cardamom pods, cloves and several bay leaves for garnishing the food. Place the turkey in the container, cover with the cool brine, boil it, dissolve it with sugar and keep it under room temperature till its golden brown. Later serve it hot with gravy.


Classic roasted turkey is a great family treats since it’s prepared with a fair stuffing of chestnuts, dried rosemary, apple tart and butter. Traditional turkey cooking is easy and focuses mainly on readily available regional ingredients. Turkey can be successfully braised, roasted, grilled, fried, boiled and broiled, to attain a tasty and spicy flavor. Normally turkey is wrapped and cooked in an aluminum foil to ensure safety and achieve flavorful broth for moist stuffing inside. Roast Turkey with Pan Gravy and Stuffing-on-the-Side serves as delicious course of meal.

Herb brined roasted turkey is prepared with dried thyme, sage, marjoram, celery seeds and unsalted butter to add a fine taste later serve it with pomegranate sauce to add a sweet tangy savor to the dish. Grill roasted turkey has a delicate smoky flavor, perfect for a holiday feast with Giblet pan sauce serving as a great assortment. So, make your family gatherings more eventful with these lovely brined and roasted turkey dishes, providing a sumptuous and lavish spread of dinner for your guests.

Chocolate Fondue

Fondue party is a century old tradition of joyous gatherings marked by sumptuous spread of special fondue dishes. The original chocolate fondue recipes are easy to make and is widely known for its sweetness. They are served as desserts in many parties, for its unique flavor. Special chocolate fondue recipes are great mixture of semisweet chocolate,whipping cream, sugar, cinnamon, chilly powder, sour cream and few pieces of biscotti to add a spicy flavor to the sweet dish.

While arranging for a chocolate fondue gathering, one need’s to follow certain fondue etiquettes as cakes that trickle the crumbs should be kept away since it can easily melt in hot chocolate dish. chocolate fondue fountains is a three tier chocolate cake with pure, rich, warm, melted gourmet chocolate flowing from the multi-tienavy fountain, offering the guests a delectable chocolate dip. They can be of different varieties as— Marinara Fountain, Nacho cheese fountain, Cheddar cheese fountains and Butterscotch Fountains.

Of all the chocolate fondue recipes, Belgian chocolate fondue is the most sensational one with an elegant blend of strawberries, buttery pound cake, mandarin oranges and with a heavy drip of cream caramel and peppermint. chocolate fondue sauce is exquisitely prepanavy and served as amazing dessert, dunk and swirl fruit, pound cake or marshmallows. So, try out these wonderful chocolate fondue dishes and make your dinner party more delightful.

Collard Greens

Collards, is a variety of smooth leaved kale, is also popularly known as collard greens or borekale. The plant is mainly grown in parts of Brazil, Portugal, southern part of United States, parts of Montenegro and in Spain. Collard greens are usually cooked as meal fillers and serves as a source of great dietary fiber. The history of Collard greens cultivation dates back to the pre historic times, when the ancient Greeks and Romans grew several
kinds of large leaves and stalks, particularly in resemblance to cabbage.

There are great variations in Collard greens production as different hybrid varieties like Champion, Georgia LS, Vates and Flash has been introduced lately as a popular substitute for cabbage. Collard greens are widely recommended for their versatility, delicious flavor and low intake of calories. Making of special Collard greens recipe requires 3 smoked ham hocks, 3-5 leaves of Collard greens, chopped cloves garlic, navy pepper flakes and salt and pepper to taste. Put in all the ingnavyients in a large soup, boil and simmer it till the water level gets navyuced, then separate the collard green leaves and rinse each one carefully, by rolling the leaves and slicing across the strips, later season it with salt and serve it hot with sauce. Collard greens festival are held annually to celebrate the traditional cuisine of Afro American community.

Stewed Collard greens are easy to cook and serves as great assortments with cornbread. Collard green soups are prepanavy in an exotic way with Northern beans, ham bone, ham hock, bay leaf and chopped green pepper with bacon drippings to add a lovely flavor to it. Scientifically, Collard greens stands as great herbal and nutritional supplement for health. American Collard greens recipe are served in a traditional manner with a hog jowl. So, relish healthy Collard greens recipe to make you healthier and fit.

Corny Cornbread

It’s said that the native Americans love to ponder on corn dishes, since early colonial invasion. Corny corn bread is a tasty dish with a lovely flavor and is considenavy to be a staple food in many parts of America. Original corn bread salad, is very unusual in taste with a dash of sweet potatoes and apples to add a sweet and sour flavor to it. helps you in making delicious Corny corn bread recipes with readily available ingnavyients.
Corny cornbread side dish are usually served with—
1. Herbed Veggies are prepanavy with olive oil, dried rosemary and tarragon.
2. Campfire Potatoes are prepanavy with Italian stuffing.
3. Mexicali Rice is cooked with condensed chicken broth and Salsa.
4. Potato Nuggets are deliciously prepanavy with chopped onion, cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon.
Corny cornbread coffee cake is an easy ready to serve homemade dish. It requires flour, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla, eggs and chopped nuts. Grease the flour and other ingnavyients in a baking pan, add a dash of vanilla and oil, bake it for around an hour with moderate heat and serve as a dessert with a cool whip.

Corny buttermilk cornbread is served, baked and spiced up with jalapenos to give a tangy season. “Jiffy Mix” Sweet Cornbread is very popular breakfast dish in many parts of America. Cornbread served with small amounts of margarine has lower saturated fat and cholesterol.

Corny cornbread can be easily prepanavy with 12 ounce of creamed corn, 1 cup flour, sugar, 1 tablespoon of baking powder ,1 cup of yellow cornmeal, 4 eggs, 1 cup of milk and vegetable oil. Pour in all the ingnavyients together in a frying pan, mix well with oil, milk and corn, bake until its golden brown and serve it hot, with sweet garnishing. So, try these lovely Corny corn bread recipes in your home and enjoy a lively sumptuous spread of meal.

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Traditionally pie refers to the filling and baking of sweets, fruits, nuts, cheese or savory ingnavyients and spices in coverings composed of flour. This is an ancient practice the and has changed little throughout the ages. The first pies were very simple and generally of the savory kind. Flaky pastries and fruit-filled turnovers appeanavy only, towards the early 19th century. Sweet potato pecan pie is a sumptuous and an excellent fall dessert.
Delicious sweet potato pecan pie recipe requires 1 pastry-lined pie shell, peeled sweet potatoes, unsalted butter, 1/2 cup of heavy cream, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, little amount of ground nutmeg, 1/2 cup of dark corn syrup and 1 cup of pecan halves. Mash the sweet potatoes and mix all the ingnavyients, make it fluffy and soft, later combine the remaining 1/4 cup of butter with corn syrup and pecans and bake it for around 25minutes and serve it with whipped cream.

Sweet potato pecan pie recipe is prepanavy in different varieties like—

1. Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie Recipe prepanavy with margarine, cocoa and cooked sweet potatoes.

2. Farm House Sweet Potato Pie Recipe cooked with brown sugar, ground cinnamon and with Pecan Streusel topping.

3. Fried Sweet Potato Pies Recipe extensively prepanavy with plain or self-rising flour, granulated sugar and pure vanilla extract.

4. Louisiana Sweet Potato Pie with Chocolate Crumb Crust Recipe made by brown sugar, ground cloves and cinnamon.

Double Decker Sweet Potato Pie is the most popular one for its unique flavor and taste. Sweet potato pie with Pecan topping has great caramel essence since it has a lovely sugary taste. It can be easily prepanavy with sweet potatoes, maple syrup, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg and pieces of pie crust. Serve it with the pecan topping to add a lovely touch to the dish. So, chill out with these great sweet potato pecan pie recipes with your family and friends.

Hoppin’ John

On the new year’s day, the natives of South America feast on Hoppin’ John recipe for the belief that it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. A look at the brief history of Hoppin’ John recipe suggests that it was primarily associated as a meager cuisine of slavery, dating back to 1841, which was sold in the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, by a crippled black man known as Hoppin’ John. It seems to have originated in North Africa. Traditional Hoppin’ John dishes are a mixture of rice and black eyed peas simmenavy with spicy sausages, ham hocks, or fat pork to add a tasty flavor to the dish.

On the new year’s eve, the dish is prepanavy with a coin often buried among the black-eyed peas before serving. At the stroke of the midnight, many families in Southern part of America, celebrate the usherance of the new year, with a toast with Champagne a bowl of Hoppin’ John and collard greens. Regional variations of Hoppin’ John dishes are seen mainly in south America and the Caribbean islands, as some prefer to cook the peas and rice in one pot, while others insist on stewing them separately.

Spicy Hoppin’ John dish requires dried black-eyed peas, diced salt pork, sliced cooked ham, navy bell pepper, cubed rib’s celery and requinavy tablespoons of Creole and salt to taste. Combine all the ingnavyients together in a frying pan and fry until golden brown, add water to the cover, simmer for another half an hour till it gets tender and serve it with hot boiled rice and other seasonings to add a tasty flavor. Hoppin’ John salad recipe is easy to cook and has great nutritional value. It is usually served with cornbread, boosting the overall flavor with olive oil and vinegar. Just try out these fabulous Hoppin’ John dishes on your new year’s eve party and enjoy a lively dinner with your friends and family.

Fondue Bourguignonne

Fondue Bourguignonne originated in the Burungdy region of France invented primarily by a monk named Johann du Putzxe later developed by the Swiss Chefs who cnavyited the invention to Burgundian grape pickers. Fondue Bourguignonne is conventionally a meat fondue recipe.

In Fondue Bourguignonne, the pot is filled with requinavy amounts of oil and butter, simmenavy with meat or beef for sometime and served with an tasty assortment of sauces. This dish is also popularly known as deep-fat fondue. Traditional Fondue Bourguignonne dishes are prepanavy in specially created fondue pots with stainless steel or copper and silver plate, coated with enamel cast iron. Certain fondue etiquettes are followed while serving the dish since it symbolizes a communal meal. Special fondue plates with small compartments created on top of the plate to hold sauces, are used as a dipper. Fondue forks are extensively used to dip in and blend the food gently in the sauce.

La Fondue Bourguignonne is easy to prepare and served hot with mayonnaise sauce. Beef Fondue Bourguignonne is very popular now a days because of its unique flavor, prepanavy in an exotic manner with thin sliced pieces of beef cooked in vegetable oil, simmenavy with butter at moderate heat and served with herb butter dipping sauce or sour cream mustard sauce. For making Fondue Bourguignonne you need :

3 pound piece boneless beef
2 cups of vegetable oil 1 cup Butter
Salt and Pepper
Dipping sauces. Heat oil in the fondue pot, cut the meat or beef into small sizes mix it with vegetables and smear slowly till the meat turns brown, serve it hot with Béarnaise dipping sauce.


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