If you are determined to continue your education, a smart goal oriented approach is required where every step can be measured and monitored so that you finally reach your desired target.

Often time constraint is there for certain educational programs. To take all those to your stride, New Near is the best time to introspect and come up with plans that are attainable, action packet and are guaranteed to show results.

You may be a school student, a high school student, an undergraduate student, a graduate student or a post graduate student – but there are certain ground rules that would make you accomplish your tasks without much ado.

Here are a few tips on New Year Resolutions for Students that would make the New Year a successful one for you academically –

    • Put Action before Thoughts – Are you someone who likes to count the pages of a book before you even start reading it; or, someone who is more into designing a study routine rather than following one; or, someone who starts thinking about the results and consequences thereafter even before taking a test? If yes, then it is high time that you stopped procrastinating and get involved into some hardcore action. Write that essay that you have kept pending for a while, start researching for the submission that is next week – the idea is to get as much work done as possible now, so that you don’t have to panic at the eleventh hour. Also doing your work ahead of time keeps you covered in case you have some serious problem (health issues, family problems etc) later on just before the deadline.


    • Set yourself Tangible Targets – There is a huge difference between wanting to do something and actually doing something. So you should get a reality check done before you give wings to your dreams so that they do not get impractical or unattainable. Setting tangible goals will not only help you to gauge your performance but would also get your work done systematically. Set yourself time bound goals so that your work never keeps mounting.

    • Learn to Make a Priority List – As a student it is highly likely that your hands are almost always too full. But you should know how to set your priorities right. You should not start studying for a test that is to come two weeks later just because it is related to your favorite subject. Instead you should concentrate more on topics that you know are not your strong points.  Also learn to refrain – don’t get involved in too many activity or curricular clubs, and then feel overwhelmed. Instead enroll in a couple of them that really interest you and try to excel in them.
    • Take a Methodical Approach – Organized approach has always been a key to success. This also helps you to stay abreast of all that is going on in your life. It is better to maintain a calendar rather than panic the night before when you suddenly realize that a deadline is knocking on the door. In most cases missed deadlines amount to missed opportunities. Organized preparations also leave a room for revise and recapitulation.


    • Do Not Shrink from Taking Tests – You should never shrink from taking tests. You would not know where you stand unless you face them. Sometimes taking a standardized test early leaves room for retry if needed. Sometimes we refrain from taking a test not because we are under prepared, but because we are just too scared to face the music. The more you keep delaying taking a test, the more scared and unconfident you shall feel.


    • Modify your Lifestyle – Your lifestyle has a direct influence on your academics. If your health is not at an optimum, it would not be possible for you to concentrate and focus. A balanced diet, exercise and proper sleeping pattern are essential to maintain good health. Also it is very important that you do not burn midnight oil the night before examinations for this may stress you making your brain feel numb. For you to perform your best, a rested and alert mind essential.


    • Limit your Distractions – Well, you may hate to admit it, but most of us spend a lot of our time doing stuffs that are purely for our pleasure. Have you added up how many hours a day you are hooked to the social media? How many hours a day you spend unproductive time online? How much time you spend each day watching a TV show even when you are aware of a pending deadline? How much time do you spend each day chatting over phone, texting your friends or playing video game? We know, it is not possible to stick to an “all work and no play” routine, but you should learn to strike a balance so that your performance does not get affected.


    • Nurture your Self Confidence – Doubting your own abilities always stifles your wings. However, being over confident too at times spoils the deal. You should understand the thin line of difference. The best way to be confident is to be prepared – a proper research and study always comes to aid to banish any doubt that attempts to cloud your mind.


    • Think Futuristically – This is a time to spread your wings. This is also a time to gauge how you can make a mark that would help you make advancement in your career in the future. Supposing you are a student of literature, then joining a creative writing workshop is meaningful. If you are a biologist, a Nature trek would be relevant for you. In short, focus on futuristic value additions.


    • Make Resolutions you can stick to – Last, but not the least, you should not get carried away by thoughts and ideas of others. You as an individual should frame your resolutions according to your needs and wants – resolutions you can stick to, resolutions that would make a positive difference for you.



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