As the New Year is set to begin, every little heart is filled with hopes and aspirations. Simple things make kids happy. This New Year make the future generation in your family (or kids who are close to you) happy by pouring your heart out to them letting them know how much they are loved.

Let your blessings shower on them in an expressive way this New Year. Make a simple wish colorful by writing it on a cute greeting card with a colored pen – this will make the child’s heart jump with joy when she/he receives it.

For a techno savvy kid, you can always create a computer image add your New Year wish and email. Here at 123NewYear we provide you a myriad of options related to New Year Wishes for Kids that are simple on words but high on thoughts, easy to understand buy highly inspirational.

  • This New Year may you be blessed with courage and confidence to spread your wings and turn each day into an adventure of learning and fun.
  • This New Year may your bond with your family strengthen and you make new friends and understand how valuable relationships are.
  • This New Year my wish for you is to give you wings of imagination that spread far and wide to make you think out of the box.
  • My New Year Wish for the young people is that they never let youth go away from their heart – may their heart revel at the simple wonders that life gifts us.
  • This New Year, dear child, be messy, sticky and silly – for this means that you are having a ball as you grow in leaps and bounds each day.
  • We tend to take for granted a numerous treasures that life bestow us with. This New Year, you should learn to get delighted by and be thankful for life’s simple blessings.
  • This New Year my wish for you is to banish all obstacles as you bloom into a beautiful human being loaded with virtues.
  • This New Year may your heart always glow with the light of hope, have the courage to follow the path of truth and possess the empathy to hold a hand in need.
  • May the colors of the New Year fireworks fill up your next 365 days with warmth and color.
  • May this New Year be as vibrant and lively as you are and bring you many opportunities for celebrations and jubilations.
  • New Year is just a transition from one part of our life to another – let this journey be filled with the comforts of your home, blessings of your elders, love of your peers and happiness in your heart.
  • May this New Year be as adorable and cute as you are for a sweetie pie like you deserves all that and much more.

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