Known for its scenic beaches and the party life, Florida can be called Sunny Party state of the United States of America, boasting of the longest coastline and hence the numerous beaches, Florida sure knows how to bring a party on.

Since we are talking about Florida as a party destination for your New Year’s Eve celebration, here is some information about the kind of entertainment offering that you can find in the state to help you decide better.

  • The Beach Blast Off Party at St Augustine

Custom made for the people who are the early to bed and early to rise kind, the Beach Blast Off Party is perhaps the most family friendly option besides a trip to Disneyland. The celebrations that are held at St. John’s County Ocean Pier, start at roughly 4 ‘o’ clock in the evening and continue up to 10 ‘o’ clock at night. With various activities that the kids can indulge the place is also filled with other fun activities and competitions for the adults, along with a host of stalls that offer food and drinks. A special fireworks show that has been musically choreographed is performed in the end, which is a delightful end to the evening full of fun.

  • Theme Parks at Orlando

The major theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld Orlando, make the city a big hit. With a variety of options to choose from, you can either dance and party the night away or you can just eat till you actually drop. With spectacular fireworks that illuminate the night sky, you are sure to have a wonderful time. For all the foodies out there, the gourmet foods that border on decadence are something that you would not want to miss.

  • The Beach Parties at Miami and South Florida

No other city spells party like Miami and the beach parties at South Florida. With an eclectic mix of events like the Mango Strut Parade, which is a hilarious take on the normal, traditional holiday parades, or you can attend the Orange Drive Miami Music Festival, which is always host to a lot of celebrities. The sun and surf during day time and dance, music extravaganzas at night, the temperature is set soaring even in the chilly month of December as the party atmosphere comes to life.

  • The New Year’s Extravaganza in Key West Florida

The southernmost amongst the cities of Florida Key West has perhaps one of the most unique New Year Celebrations that are offered by the state. Key West has their own fun take on the countdown that is held in the New York Times Square every year. With artists in costumes descending in wires from above, people in costumes entertain the crowd amidst the cheers and the firework acts. Famous haunts like Sloppy Joe’s Bar which has live music and Red Shoe Drop which is known for its eccentric acts are something that you should not miss out on if visiting Key West for New Year’s Eve.

  • The First Night Celebrations at St. Petersburg

The First Night Celebrations at St. Petersburg can be called a cultural extravaganza like no other, with an interesting mix of music, arts, dancing, foods and drinks, it has the perfect ingredients for a memorable night; the kind that stays etched in the memory forever. Events like Drum Magic, Resolution Bonfire etc. are just some of the fun filled activities that are showcased in the celebrations.

So if you want be a part of a fun filled extravaganza that keeps you up on your feet all night, Florida is the place for you to be in. So plan your Florida trip and have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience.

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