Going by Numerology 9, the number 9 happens to be a yang number. Representing the highest ideal of human beings, this number is considered to be the number of the humanitarian.

Planet Uranus happens to rule number 9 as per the Chinese Astrology. In some other systems however, number 9 is considered to be represented by Planet Mars. The study of Chinese Numerology 9 tells us that 9 happen to be very unusual and eccentric by nature.

The notable uses of the number 9 are

  • There are 9 fruits of the Spirit. Galatians is the 9th book of the New Testament
  • Human gestation consists of 9 months
  • After completing his life, Christ died at the 9th hour.
  • The 9 categories of people are referred as ‘blessed’ in the Sermon on the Mount.

Sounding very similar to that of “long life” and “longevity”, number 9 is among the luckiest numbers.

Going by the Lo Shu Grid/Square of the Chinese Numerology

  • Those people with only one 9 happen to be intellectual.
  • Those people with two 9s are critical of other people. Intellectually inclines, they however should know how to mix with different kinds of people.
  • Those people with three 9s are idealistic and giving. They have a strong tendency to exaggerate situations.
  • Those people with 4 or more 9s are brilliant people, who love to live their own individual world. Their capabilities if used in a positive and helpful way can make them leaders and prove beneficial.

Number 9 is generally taken to represent completeness. It stands for energy, leadership, domination, ambition and force. The metal, iron is associated with Numerology 9. This number is taken to be a lucky, to have taken birth on, only if the number 9 people are capable of controlling their nature and don’t make enemies.

Numerology 9 Personality Traits

The personality traits that can be observed among those falling under Numerology nine are they are truly humanitarian with a very strong desire to help their fellow men. They would love to fight and give themselves completely for any social cause especially concerning the unfortunate and the poor. They have the ability to inspire others. Creative, intuitive and impressionable that they are many sympathies and interests can be found within them. Further, they are also generous, compassionate and romantic. With the frequency and ease to be in and out of love, they are very independent, high minded and also idealistic. They are determined, resourceful and have an eye for beauty.

Egotistical, the number 9 people are proud when it comes to dealing with other people. With less emotional stability, they can be quick-tempered and might get easily hurt.

They are amazing fighters in every attempt that they take up in life. Their strong will power, determination and grit, till the end, give them success in whatever they do.

Their impulsiveness and foolhardiness in their actions and words often pose them great threats. Their greatest dangers arise from foolhardiness and impulsiveness in word and action. Prone to mishaps from explosions to fire, they would hardly get through, without injuring themselves. Strife and quarrels are a part of their life, be it any relationship they are into, family and home.

Criticism is something that they strongly dislike. Even if they are not conceited, they would always possess a very good and high view about themselves. They don’t tolerate any kind of interference with their tasks and plans. When treated as “the head of the house”, they just love it.

Positive Characteristics

The positive characteristics of the Numerology 9 people consist in their being socially conscious, visionary, idealistic and concerned about a better life. They also happen to be imaginative, creative, romantic tolerant, sympathetic and generous. At the same time, the number nine people are sharing, loving, noble, caring and aristocratic. For the betterment of the world, they would not mind on sacrificing with energy, time or money. Once they start with something, they would usually complete it, without any hope for rewards.

Negative Characteristics

The number 9 people have a tendency to get aloof and withdrawn. They are moody, timid, possessive, uncertain and sometimes get distracted. Frequently they are not happy with the results they have achieved and might also be disappointed with the realities of life. They have a tendency to be careless when it comes to finances.

Career Options

The several career options where the number 9 individuals are likely to prosper as per Numerology 9, are as designer, politician, lawyer, photographer, teacher, statesperson, writer, healer, philosopher and artist.

Favorable Dates

The number nine individuals get along best with those persons who are born in, from among the series of 3,6 and 9, like 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th, or 30th of a month. These numbers share a harmonious vibration with the number 9 people.

The favorable days of a week for the number 9 people include Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Tuesday is more favorable since it is the Mars Day.

All those coming under Numerology 9, should try and take up work on such days that come under their” own number,” like 9th, 18th, or 27th in a month. These dates are even more special when they come under the ‚Äúperiod of the 9,” that is from March 21st to April 19th-26th, or from the October 21st to November 20th-27th.

Lucky Colors and Jewels

All the shades of red and crimson and also pink and rose are considered lucky for the number nine people, going by Numerology 9.

Bloodstone, garnet and ruby are the lucky stones. They are advised to wear any of these favorable stones next to their skin.

Famous Personalities Born Under Numerology 9

King Albert of Belgium, Mary I of England, Queen Mary, Joseph Chamberlain, Alfonso XIII of Spain, George Bernard Shaw, Prince Albert (Consort of Queen Victoria), David Lloyd George, Admiral Dewey(U.S.A.), Colonel Cody (Buffalo Bill), Wilkie Collins (Author), Bernadotte, King of Sweden, Sir Humphry Davy., Gounod (Composer), Jenner (Discoverer of Vaccines), Louis Conde of France, La Fontaine, Mary ( Queen of Scots), General von Moltke, Pierpont-Morgan (Financier), Sir John Millais (Painter), Richard I (Cceur de Lion), Jules Verne (Novelist), J. D. Rockefeller (Oil Magnate) and John Wesley (Preacher).


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