In the recent time popularity of Asia has gone up as one of the favorite tourist’s destinations. Amongst the places that have made grand impressions in the map of world tourism, Singapore is one. Singapore is said to be the gateway of South-East Asia. It is a modern island country and a major shopping destination.

The economic and geographical location of Singapore has encouraged its Government to promote tourism to boost the economy of the country further. The cruise tour in Singapore is one the fruits of such efforts. You can now enjoy New Year cruises in Singapore in one of the many luxurious ships from the cruise liners.

Like in many other countries the New Year celebration in Singapore is particularly a spectacular one with fun, food, music, and more. Hence, New Year cruises in Singapore are in high demand amongst tourists who want to witness the spectacular celebration that marks the new beginning.

Singapore is located at the crossroad between the western culture and eastern culture. Hence, cruising both out of Singapore and to Singapore is going to be a unique experience for the tourists.

What cruise lines operate from Singapore?

Singapore is a popular tourist destination both amongst the western as well as eastern tourists, and hence, many of the world class cruise lines now sail in and out of Singapore. You can take a cruise trip to Singapore in any of the below mentioned cruise lines.

  • Azamara Club
  • Princess Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean, and
  • Holland America Line

There are cruises available which will sail from Sidney, Australia for Singapore. Also, there are cruise lines to take you out of Singapore to other destinations. If you want to spend your New Year cruising through the island country you can also do that.

The cruise liners organize special New Year cruises in Singapore which will let you experience the splendor in a grand fashion. The special cruises available in Singapore during the New Year are- Singapore Island Tours, Singapore Beach Tours and Singapore River Tours.

Harbor and River Cruises

The Harbor and River Cruises in Singapore will take the tourists to the undiscovered islands and ports of southern part of the country. The cruise itinerary will normally cover places like- Islands of Sister’s, St. John’s, Kusu, and Lazura’s. These are usually short trips and include lunch, tea and dinner for the members onboard.

There are also special cruises, called the cruise to Nowhere, organized without declaring the destination port. These cruises are of short duration, and the ship generally comes back within 2 to 3 days. These are ideal for couples on their honeymoons and for tourists who are game for a surprise tour.

Regional Cruises

The long distance cruises in Singapore are called Regional cruises. These cruises will take you beyond the island of Singapore to places like Malacca, Phuket, Hong Kong, Penang, Laem Chabang and Danang. The Regional cruises in Singapore are one of the most luxurious ways to explore the place.

Most of these cruises are available through out the year and therefore can be availed anytime, including the New Year. Hence, if you haven’t decided where to spend your next New Year vacation you can give New Year cruises in Singapore serious thoughts.

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