Are you throwing a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year but have little idea about the elements that can make it exciting?

If yes then you need to arrange well in advance and come up with brilliant ideas that can keep your guests entertained throughout.

One thing to have in order to make your get-together a great success is interesting Chinese New Year games. These are the means of engaging guests and helping them to unwind and open up with all those present there. Games are not only meant for kids but also for adults to keep them amused.

Parties without games just turn out to be mostly dull. So here’s a low down on some of the interesting Chinese New Year games for adults and kids that you could keep in your party.

Chinese New Year Games For Adults

Guess My Resolution – If you have a large gathering at home then you can keep this game as it works well with more participants. Have everyone joining in the game to pick up a chosen number of paper slips. The players have to write down their own personal resolutions in each slip of paper and all of these slips are then put together in a jar or basket. After all the slips are put together, you can ask someone to pull out the slips one at a time and read them out loud. Everyone then needs to guess the name of people who they think made these resolutions in the sheet of paper given to them. The participant with the highest number of correct guesses is announced the winner at the end of the game and may end up winning a prize.

Guess Which Guest – It is a game that would test how well your guests know their friends and well-wishers who are also present in your party. You need a piece of paper where you will put down factual statements that happened during the year to your party guests. Questions relating to who got a promotion this year or who gave birth to a baby in which month can be put in the form of fill in the blanks to let you guests fill the sheet with correct guesses. Keep a track on the time as your guests will have to answer most of the questions within a few minutes to win the game. The person with highest number of correct answers will win.

Bring back your childhood – This is a game that will help relive the memories of the childhood. You can arrange for games that were a big hit back in your childhood and make your friends play them again to refresh up the memories of the years gone by. It is sure to bring back smiles and nostalgia among guests when they ring in a brand new year.

Chinese New Games For Kids

Chinese Zodiac Alphabetical Order Race – It is a game that will work well when you have abive 10 or 12 children as participants. An animal sign from the Chinese Zodiac can be assigned to each of the kids. You can put together signs of all animals representing the Chinese zodiac in a basket or hat and ask kids to pick up a slip out of it. Another option is to hand over the cards representing animal signs of Chinese Zodiac. The kids need to race to put the signs in alphabetical order. The one who does in the fastest time possible is declared the winner.

Chinese New Year Word Search Puzzle – You need to hand over slips of paper with puzzle boxes containing words related to the Chinese New Year. Hand over each slip of the puzzle paper to kids around you and ask them to search for words that are related to the festival. Besides looking for common words linked to the New Year, ask children to look use extra letters to get a word forming a secret message and that can be any word like Happy Chinese New Year.  This test also reflects the knowledge of children regarding the festival and things associated with it. The one who searches the highest number of word in the puzzle in the shortest time possible is declared as the winner.

Keeping mind teasers and fun games are a great way of enlivening the Chinese New Year bash. However, remember that even while playing the game, you do not send out any offensive message or hurt someone’s feeling on the day of such a notable festival. The main objective of Chinese New Year games is to make way for greater camaraderie in your circle of friends and make them enjoy the moments fully.

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