Holidays excites us all as it is a day we get off from work, school and get time to spend with our near and dear ones.

Things that cannot be pursued during the hectic working or school-going days can be pursued during holidays and hence they turn out to be the most awaited days in a year.

The fist thing that one often tends to do on a calendar at the outset of a New Year is to mark out important days of festivals, events and of political, religious or social significance that are declared as national holidays in an country.

It is no different for people following the Chinese Lunar calendar. People in China and several Asian countries that follow the Chinese calendar tend to quickly scan the dates on which they can enjoy an off from work and get a leave from their schools.

Here are the types of holidays that people get to enjoy in an annual Chinese calendar year, some quick facts about the Chinese New Year Holidays, observances that occur on these days and so on.

Holidays for the Chinese New Year is the most significant of all those accorded to the people following the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Celebrations for the Spring Festival, which is another name for the Chinese New Year, starts on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It ends on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the following year in the Chinese calendar. The festivities last for about 23 days and it’s a time for celebrations, following customs, rituals and traditions for most people.

Common Things That People Do During Chinese New Year Holidays

Most people start cleaning their homes to usher the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. Decorations start in almost all homes as dusting homes and adorning them with beautiful things is supposed to swipe off the evil forces and bring good fortune. People also make several red lanterns and posters from paper cutouts and scrolls and fill them up with poetic verses to hang them on to their doors to scare off the evil. Walls of the houses are adorned with fresh Chinese New Year pictures. Holidays during this festival also gives people the chance to reunite with their family and friends and share a good time. It is often a custom among people to visit their relatives during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Public life during Holidays

Chinese New Year is a national holiday in China and most Asian countries following the Chinese Lunar calendar. It is non-working day at government offices, many businesses and companies. Schools and several universities remain closed during the period starting from the eve of the Chinese New Year to the seventh day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar. However, hospitals, emergency services, some enterprises and many banks stay open by arranging for workers on shift duty. It is not difficult to avail public transport during the holidays granted for celebrations of the Spring Festival. People can avail public transport during the holidays.

During the eve of Chinese New Year, fireworks are set off in the sky and crackers are burnt as a tradition to ward off the evil with sound and light. It is also believed to bring good luck. Visitors often gift the young ones “luck” money in red envelope. The New Year holidays are also a time to look good and vibrant by putting on new clothes on the day of the festival. Greetings are exchanged on this day. As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, drums are beaten and dragon as well as lion dances, musical events, performances are held everywhere to mark the beginning of a fresh year.

2019 Chinese New Year Holidays

People working in government units, enterprises and many companies can enjoy a good spell of holidays starting from the eve of the Spring Festival that would fall on the first three days of the lunar month in 2019 till the seventh day of the same month in the Chinese calendar. Other holidays during the Chinese New Year 2019 are Women’s day, Qingming Festival, May Day, Youth Day, Children’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Communist Party Anniversary Day, Army Day of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Mid-Autumn Day.

Know how of the Chinese New Year holidays can help you plan vacations and activities that you can pursue in off time well in advance.

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