International Youth Day is a day of spreading awareness and is an initiation of the United Nations.

The main purpose behind the observance of this day is to highlight a certain set of legal and cultural issues associated with today’s youths and to draw attention towards them.

This day was observed for the first time on 12th August in the year 2000. Since then the International Youths Day has been observed every year on 12th of August. This day also gives an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the youths of all over the world in strengthening and giving boost to the global society.

Another purpose of celebrating this day is to promote various ways to engage the young generation in various activities and to make them actively involved in rendering positive contributions to the society. Though this day is an initiation of the United Nations, it is not an official holiday.

According to the United Nations, individuals belonging to the age group ranging from 15 years to 24 years can be referred to as “youths” and they constitute around one-sixth of the world’s population. A large proportion of them lives in the developing nations and thus their population are expected to rise steeply in the upcoming years.

The initiation of the International Youth Day was done by young men and women in the year 1991 as they had gathered for the very first session of World Youth Forum organized by the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. The Forum recommended for the declaration of a special day called the International Youth Day for promotional and fund raising purposes so that it could provide support to the United Nations Youth Fund along with youth organizations.

A resolution declaring 12th of August as the International Youth Day was embraced in the year 1998 at the time of World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth. The recommendation was approved later in the year 1999 by United Nations General Assembly. This day was observed for the very first time in the year 2000.

The International Youth Day focuses on protecting the basic rights of the young individuals. It ensures that the youths have complete access to proper education, job opportunities, proper healthcare and complete participation in public events.

It makes people understand that in today’s world it is extremely important for every nation to fulfill the basic needs of young people as the future of that nation would lie in their hands. The youths are the source of energy, innovation, foresight and creativity and thus UN states that the member nations must use all possible means to harness and foster the youth power. It is an effort to make the youths actively participate and bring about positive changes in the social front.

Various events and activities are conducted all over the world on this particular day in order to promote the various benefits received by different communities due to the positive contributions made by the youths. This event puts forward a global platform on which many countries from all over the world participate actively.

The events may include conferences on present day issues like unemployment and education and various other activities like sport events, concerts promoting youths of the world, exhibitions showcasing achievements made by the youths and parades. Various workshops and cultural events are also held on this day and meetings, which involve youth organizations and local and national government officials, are also conducted on this particular day.