Sankranti happens twelve times in a year and can be termed as a phenomenon of the Sun transiting from one zodiac to the other zodiac sign.

Kanya Sankranti is the auspicious occasion when the sun transits from the Simha Rashi or Leo to the Kanya Rashi. According to the traditional Tamil calendar this occurs in the month of Purattasi. As per the Gregorian calendar this occasion is generally observed in the month of September.

This day is also celebrated in many parts of India, mostly in Bengal as Vishwakarma Puja. Vishwakarma is known as the divine architect who had built Dwarka and Hastinapur where the Pandavas resided. In 2019 the Kanya Sankranti will be celebrated on September 17th.

The Kanya Sankranti being an auspicious day lot of charity and worship is considered to be good for the devotees. On this day daan or charity, shardh puja or worshipping the ancestors is favored. Devotees also take bath in sacred water as a ritual to cleanse themselves of all sins.

The auspicious occasion of Kanya Sankranti is also the birth anniversary commemoration of Vishwakarma who is considered to be the divine engineer. According to scriptures, it is Lord Vishwakarma who sculpted and built this whole world as per Lord Brahma’s directions. He not only constructed Dwarka or the Maya sabha of the Pandavas  but also numerous weapons for the Gods.


Celebration of Kanya sankranti and Vishwakarma Puja in many places

Vishwakarma being an architect is mostly worshipped in engineering colleges, industries, shops etc. Lord Vishwakarma is worshipped by all the technical people such as artisans, factory workers, welders etc. The puja space is cleared out for this day and cleaned before the Vishwakarma idol is brought. On this day in honor of Lord Vishwakarma no work is done across industries and factories. Feasts are organized in almost all the places dealing with machines. Prasad consists of fruits, sweets etc.


Rituals of Vishwakarma Puja

  • Devotees have an early bath and start preparing for the puja
  • Lord Vishwakarma’s picture or idol is decorated and instruments that are used are kept with the idol.
  • Machines are decorated and worshipped for better work and safety
  • Prasad offered to Lord Vishwakarma is distributed and the day celebrated with a lot of fanfare.