India is a diverse land of various race religions and a variety of diversity. Numerous occasion and observances are celebrated here with great pomp and fervor.

One such celebration is Mahesh Jayanti. This is basically a festival celebrated by the devotees of Lord Shiva, and is celebrated mostly by a community known as the Maheshwari community.

This Maheshwari community, despite being less in number, is spread almost all over India.


Date of Mahesh Navami

The Mahesh Jayanti falls on the navami of the Shukla paksha of the Jyestha month according to the traditional Hindu calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, this falls in the month of June in the waxing period of the moon. In 2019, Mahesh Navami will be observed on the 11th of June.


Legend of Mahesh Navami

This day of Navami is considered as the Mahesh Navami because according to some legends, Lord Shiva or Mahesh first appeared in front of his devotees on this day.

Another legend tells us about the foundation of the Maheshwari community and the integral part of Mahesh Navami. Long ago, all the royal men along with an entourage went to hunt in a jungle near Jaipur of Rajasthan. However, the hunters entered an asharama and disturbed the tranquility and the environment of worship there. The sage got very angry and cursed all of them to become stone.

Now the wives of the hunters started a deep penance and started praying to Lord Shiva for redemption of the curse of their husbands. Lord Shiva took pity on them and promised to lift the curse only if they renounced hunting as a profession and took up some other work. The wives of the hunters immediately agreed and promised to start small business etc. thus those who were saved by Mahesh started a new community, which they in deference to Lord Shiva or Mahesh called the Maheshwari community, where this Mahesh navami is the most auspicious day, as Mahesh had saved their community and people.


Celebrations of Mahesh Navami

All devotees of Mahesh, ie Lord Shiva and Parvati participate in this celebrations. This is mainly observed in the state of Rajasthan or wherever there are Maheshwari people. The temples are beautifully decorated with various colors of flowers. The newlyweds on this auspicious day seek the blessings of Mahesh and Parvati to begin their life with the heavenly blessings.


Rituals of Mahesh Navami

A day long pious festivity occurs on the auspicious day of Mahesh Navami.  Various yajnas or chanting are organized in all the temples. Jhanki or alarge picture of Lord Shiva in a palanquin are taken from house to house. Prayers and songs sung at his name reverberates the air. An Abhishek of Mahesh along with Parvati is done earlier in the morning on this day.

When the picture of the Jhanki darshan comes back to the temples, a BHajan Sandhya is organized where religious songs are performed in the temples in Shiv-Parvati’s names and finally Prasad is distributed amongst all present. There is no special rule of fasting or celebrations on this day; rather it is the dedication of the people which makes them worship Mahesh with utmost fervor. However, women who wish for a child offers special prayers on this day, as it is believed that Lord Mahesha blesses them especially so that they are blessed with a child.

Apart from the temples lot of people offer prayers in their houses too, on this auspicious day to seek divine blessings and to have a prosperous life.