Mauni Amavasya is one of the most important rituals in the Hindu calendars. It is believed that the water of the sacred Ganges turns into madhu or Honey on this day, and thus it is auspicious and beneficial to take a bath in the Ganges on this particular day.

  • What is Mauni Amavasya?

Mauni  Amavasya as the name suggests is the day when the devotee fasts the entire day and a complete Maun Vrat, or silence is observed by not speaking a single word.  Being Maun or silent is an effort to seek oneself and ways to connect to one’s inner soul. It is also an exercise in controlling oneself from uttering any bitter words for one day. It is also observed as a charitable day, when people according to their economic stature donate for charitable causes and for the lesser fortunate.


  • When is the Mauni Amavasya celebrated?

Mauni Amavasya is celebrated in the Hindu month of Magha and is also known as Maghi Amavasya. In 2019, it falls on the 4th of February when many people will observe this vrat.


  • Why is then Mauni Amavasya celebrated?

Mauni Amavasya is celebrated because as the mythology goes, that during ancient times, when the ocean was being churned in the pursuit of Amrita or the divine nectar, couple of drops of Amrita fell on the Ganges, because of which it became extremely valuable. Thus, it is on this day that the river’s nectar like powers are at the fullest, people, millions of then takes a holy dip at the Ganges.  During the famous Kumbh Mela, the Mauni Amavasya is the most important day when millions of people near Prayag take a holy dip. The devotees fast and offer prayers silently and takes a holy dip and observes complete silence on this day.


  • Is there any significance of Mauni Amavasya?

As discussed earlier, that Mauni Amavasya is a vrat when not even a single word which can be uttered by the devotee. It is an effort to realize the effect words have. It is generally said that one can hurt an enemy with a sword, but to hurt a friend, a word is enough. The supreme power of words cannot be over ruled and it is a day to practice complete self control on oneself. According to some sacred texts, the name of the Lord, the prayers are best offered when uttered from inside, rather than chanting it aloud and getting lost in the cacophony. Thus the importance of prayer increases manifold when offered from the heart. Thus Mauni Amavasya is all about seeking oneself and practicing complete control.