Sankranti happens twelve times in a year and can be best summed up as a phenomenon of the Sun transiting from one zodiac to the other zodiac sign. Meena Sankranti marks the beginning of the last and final month of the Hindu calendar.


  • Meena Sankranti –


Meena Sankranti is considered to be an extremely auspicious festival when the sun transits from Pisces to Aries, signifying new beginnings and happier tidings.  In south India this festival is known as Meena Sankramanam and will be celebrated on the March 15th of 2019. In states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Kerala this is observed at the beginning of the month, however in West Bengal this is observed in the latter part of the month.


  • Significance of Meena Sankranti –


Though all the sankrantis are significant in their own ways, Meena Sankranti has more significance than the rest of the sankrantis because of the sun’s movement from the Pisces to the Aries. This movement signifies newer beginnings.  It is always advised to donate things on sankrantis, but donating things on Meena Sankranti attains special significance because of the auspiciousness of the day. For Meena Sankranti, sixteen Ghatis after the Sankranti moments are over are considered to be extremely auspicious to carry out charity or Dan- Punya.  It is believed that those who donate land on this auspicious occasion are blessed the most. The South Indian people consider the Meena Sankranti as the most favorable time to seek wish fulfillment.


  • Celebration of Meena Sankranti –


To celebrate this auspicious occasion, temples are decorated with flowers and garlands on this day. Colorful lamps or diyas adorn the temples for the devotees to marvel upon. Devotees celebrate this auspicious festival with much devotion and fervor.