Mokshada Ekadashi is an auspicious day for the Hindus which is observed on the ekadashi  of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Margashirsha or Agrahayana, which coincides with the month of November December according to the Gregorian calendar.

This ekadashi is celebrated on the same day as Gita Jayanti. The importance and auspiciousness of this Ekadashi was narrated to Yudhistira by Sri Krishna and a mention of it is found in the Brahmanda Purana.

Hindus particularly the Vaishnava sects follow a strict fasting on this day, in the honor of Lord Krishna or Vishnu. In 2019, the Mokshada Ekadashi will be observed on the December 8th, Sunday.


Legend of Mokshada Ekadashi

The legend of Mokshada Ekadashi is told to the Pandava Kind Yudhisthira by Lord Krishna. Long ago there was a king called Vaikhanasa , who was the ruler of Champaknagar. He was a benevolent ruler and treated his Vaishnavite subjects with extreme compassion. One night, the King dreamt that his father was in hell and was being tortured by the Lord of Death, Yama. Anguished, the King approached Parvata Muni to enlighten him as to why his father could be tortured. The sage sat in meditation and saw that the King had committed the crime of quarreling with his wife and then forcibly having intercourse with her while she was menstruating. The sage suggested that as a mean of rectification, the King should observe the Mokshada Ekadashi. Thus on Mokshada Ekadashi, the King along with his whole family of wife, children and relatives observed the Mokshada Ekadashi. The King’s efforts paid off and his father was relieved from the tortuous hell and taken to Heaven. Thus Mokshada Ekadashi is a vrat which elevates someone the status of salvation or helps to get one.


Rituals of Mokshada Ekadashi

Devotees should take a ritual bath and observe fats on this auspicious day. Those who cannot observe the fast completely, should have vegetarian food, like fruits, milk, vegetables and nuts. Rice, garlic, beans, pulses and onions are strictly prohibited on this day. Devotees worship Lord Vishnu and Krishna on this day to gain blessings from them and also salvation post death. Temples make special doors to enter on this day for devotees to pass through, signifying the door to Lord Vishnu’s abode.

Mokshada Ekadashi is said to destroy sin, grants heaven and is said to grant the passage to Vaikuntha to the devotees.