The Pradosh Vrat is an extremely auspicious day dedicated to the Lord of all Gods, Lord Shiva. It is also known as Pradosham in the southern part of India. 

This Vrat or the ritual falls on the thirteenth day of every lunar fortnight, ie on the thirteenth day of the rising moon, the shukla paksha trayodashi or the waning moon,; the Krishna paksha trayodashis.

The devotees of Lord Shiva keep fasting on these days from morning till night and offer various pujas during the period of twilight. This Vrat can be observed in each of the months that come under the Hindu calendar system.


What does Pradosh mean?

Pradosh or Pradosham in literal terms means the removal of one’s sins.


Which is the time of the Pradosh kal?

Pradosh kal is actually the time of twilight.  The time after the sunset and before night sets in is twilight or Pradosh kal. It is generally considered that two hours and twenty four minutes after the sunset is the Pradosh kal, but of course it keeps varying in various regions. It is believed, according to yesteryear lore that the Lord Shiva, or Bholebaba perform dance in his mountain abode of kailasa in a pleasant mood, and just the sighting of  the Lord in a temple or offering a light or diya and burning incense during this Pradosh kal is enough to please the Lord.


What is the significance of the Pradosh Vrat?

This fast is believed to lead a man to the path of religious salvation. It is further believed that one who offers this vrat to the Lord gets relieved from the fear of death, poverty and lack of wealth.  It is also firmly believed that a person observing this vrat gets out of the circles of birth required before one can break the shackles of his karma.


What are the benefits of the Pradosh Vrat?

Pradosh Vrat observed yields different results as per different days, for example –

  • Trayodashi which falls on Monday or Som Pradosha provides good health and the fulfillment of wishes.
  • Trayodashi celebrated on Tuesday or Bhaum Pradosha gives health benefits and cures ailments.
  • Trayodashi coinciding on Wednesdays fulfils the wishes.
  • Guru Pradosha or the trayodashi on Thursday helps in the destruction of one’s foes.
  • The Shani Pradosha or the one on Saturday gives benefits for conjugal life and also brings good results for those who are expecting a child.


How does one keep Pradosh Vrat?

The devotee, keeping this Vrat fasts from dawn to dusk and has to be vigilant at night after the fast is over. The devotee has to bathe an hour before the sunset and has to offer prayers to the divine family of Shiva, his wife Parvati, sons Kartikeya , Ganesha and his pet Nandi. The sacred Shiva Lingas are bathed with water and Bel leaves are offered as pujas. After the Lord is invoked, one can take a betel leaf, betel nut, coin and flower petals and give anjali (offering to the Supreme Being), that is a form of request to him to accept the prayers being offered. Then the personal prayers are offered verses from Shiva Purana and Pradosha Katha are read out.