The World Environment Day, also known as the Eco Day or WED, is observed to raise the awareness of people from all over the world regarding the causes responsible for degrading environmental condition and to take positive actions to save our Mother Earth.

This day is observed on the 5th of June every year and serves as a reminder to not neglect the present scenario and join hands to protect nature.  This is an initiative of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

The World Environment Day is one of the most important t days of the United Nations to spread and encourage awareness all over the world and set forth propagandas to preserve nature. It had begun in the year 1974 and has gained importance with the passage of each year and today this day is observed in over hundred countries.


The World Environment Day was established or initiated on the very first day of United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. This was started to attract attention of people of the entire world towards issues regarding degradation of environmental condition and depletion of its resources and to make them aware of the consequences. It was an effort to address the problems and take actions against them.

Contributions made by the Celebrities

Famous celebrities from all over the world, powerful media and other influential people have supported and encouraged the agendas set forth on the World Environment Day by participating in them and giving their complete support. Goodwill ambassadors of the United Nations Environment Program like Gisele Bundchen, an international supermodel, had sent forth an SOS to the people of the entire world to join hands for the 2014 World Environment Day with their teams to fight against the climate change which is a matter of great concern in the present day. On this day in the year 2019, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, planted sapling at 7, Race Course Road, New Delhi which is his official residence.

Campaigns by Media

The Campaign was launched by the Community Radio Station in the Republic of Nepal and radio along with television channels broadcasted news regarding environmental issues and slogans for spreading awareness among people. The army also participated in their cleanup program which attracted media’s attention and included participation of many celebrities. Another renowned television channel had launched a campaign called My Earth, My Duty which made its way into the Limca Book of Records for planting over 7,300,000 trees across 250,000 villages and thirty four cities in a single day in India on 25th August in the year 2010.A campaign called “Greenathon” was launched by another channel, NDTV in the year 2008 and was the very first nation-wide campaign carried out in India to save and protect the environment.  Apart from these even the children put in efforts in their own little way to spread awareness and participate in the World Environment Day.