Yashoda Jayanti is the birthday celebration of Mata Yashoda, the foster mother of Bhagwan Sri Krishna, and the wife of Nanda.

She is known and cited as an example of motherly love till date for the love and affection that she had bestowed on Krishna.

As per the lunar calendar patter that is followed in Gujarat, this is celebrated in the Krishna paksh ashashthi in the month of Magha. According to North Indian Hindi calendars, the date falls in the month of Falguna.

According to the legend retold in Bhagwata Purana, Yashodamata, became the foster mother of Sri Krishna when to save him from Kansa Krishna’s father Vasuki left him at the Nanda household under the parentage of Yashoda and Nanda in Gokul.

The celebration of YashodaJayanti –

The festival is marked with lot of love and devotion and celebrated in all the Krishna temples and also the ISKCON temples all across the world.

In Gujarat the day is marked with lot of celebration and people decorates their homes with flowers and pictures of Yashoda and Sri Krishna. In Gokul, where Sri Krishna spent his childhood, people keep retelling or enacting (in dramas or dance recitals) the beautiful tales of Krishna’s childhood anecdotes with Yashoda.