The 2024 Vedic Astrology provides predictions for the twelve moon signs but the calculations are made with the help of planetary movements and not date of the Gregorian calendar. It helps to predict what the coming year might hold for you. The predictions are done based on your moon sign and not sun sign.


The predictions include various aspects of your life – love, career, marriage and finance just to name some. So this horoscope basically tells how 2024 will look for people belonging to each moon sign. Here are the predictions:


  • Mesha (Aries)

For Arians, great relationship will be kept up with spouse for the greater part of the year. Movement or changes in the home or remodeling is plausibility. Improvements in professional life are anticipated for a few; while change of employment is by all accounts there for others. Extensive travels are there on the cards; for some it might identify with work while for others it might be for spiritual connection.


  • Vrishaba (Taurus)

For Taureans proposes this will be a testing year for you. Individual life will require more psychological tests. Professionally, you will roll out a few improvements being disappointed with the development. Think appropriately before making any money related investment. Your wellbeing additionally needs great consideration. You have to deal with your love life with extraordinary care. It is an awesome time for those associated with the legal field and health sector.

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Horoscope 2024


  • Mithuna (Gemini)

Professional designers, creative writers, and Performance artists are shown to have a decent time in 2024. Gemini may confront a few difficulties in the flow of salary; pointless spending might be on the rise. This year will be useful for people studying. Going abroad for higher studies is on the cards. You are encouraged to keep up a decent association with your business partner. You should concentrate on the making the existing business stronger.


  • Kataka/ Karka (Cancer)

Vedic Astrology recommends you to be somewhat careful in married life, as meager tiff may cause difficult issue in the relationship. Redesign and expansion of house or purchase of new private property might be conceivable this year. Foreign Partnerships might prove to be advantageous for businessmen. Translators, psychologists, linguists will find the year beneficial.


  • Simha (Leo):

The year may begin with some hard circumstances, however then things will get smooth step by step. You might be travelling to foreign destinations. Students need to work hard so as to breeze through without a hitch. 2024 will be a good year from the aspect of finances.


  • Kanya (Virgo):

The year looks very great and fascinating. You will be acknowledged for your work and promotions are there on the cards. Business dealing with gadgets will have a great year. Software and statistics experts will touch the sky in their work. It might be a good year to purchase land or property. Avoid taking loans or loaning out money. You should concentrate on your own wellbeing as well.


  • Tula (Libra):

2024 will be a good year for investment in shares and stocks. If you plan to expand business this is the year and taking a loan would work well. There are opportunities to migrate or change your homes. To the extent where work is concerned, you are expected to keep up a decent association with partners and seniors. Your work might lead you on lovely travels. Spending might increase.


  • Vrishchika (Scorpio):

You may need to confront some surprising expenditure. Journey both long and short seem to feature on your card. You might go on a spiritual quest. You need to screen and give careful consideration into the group of friends that your kids have.


  • Dhanu (Sagittarius):

The year is for the most part revolved around your monetary resources o=in a positive manner. Your general salary will improve. Investments will give good returns. At home, you will invest energy to reconnect with your friends and family; particularly siblings and cousins. You might have a few tiffs with your spouse, nothing that good communication cannot solve.


  • Makara (Capricorn):

Your planets in 2024 predict that the year is only stunning for career development. You will encounter some truly positive changes occurring at home and also work. Personal relationships might suffer a bit. Your financial condition looks great for 2024.  It is a superb time to learn and encounter new things in life.


  • Kumbha (Aquarius):

Professional and personal life will see a rapid growth. You may create enthusiasm for deep sense of spirituality. Every one of your investments in work will give great returns. Rivals will be in weaker circumstance and on the off chance that you are under any obligation, you will dispose of them. You may need to go abroad because of work and this will give productive outcomes.


  • Meena (Pisces):

In 2024, changes in professional and personal life might occur. You will need to work hard but it will pay off. You may need to make a trip because of work and it will profit you. In conjugal life you will need to be careful. Investments must be avoided. With a specific end goal to keep your body and mind invigorated, discover some time for meditation. Some of you may acquire riches or benefits due to a joint venture like partnership.