Japanese New Year Decoration

New Year celebrations in Japan are the much awaited period of the year. Japanese New Year decoration is marked by all the traditional items and pieces usually hand made.

This is a three day festival is celebrated with great joy and festivity.

Cleaning the house is the top priority for Japanese. The entire home, store and other living spaces are washed by the people. Japanese believe that New Year should be welcomed by bringing hygiene in and around living spaces.

After this only people change the window dressings, bedspreads and other things at home. It is treated auspicious to keep every free from dust and waste is thrown out of the houses. From this only the Japanese New Year decoration begins.

New Year decorative items in Japan

Kadomatsu – One of the very traditional Japanese decorations for New Year is done with Kadomatsu. It means ‘gate pine’ and these are placed in front of the homes for New Year. These are placed from Christmas till January 7 and are expected to welcome the ancestral spirits of the harvest. The spirits are known as ‘kami’ and kadomatsus are considered temporary houses (shintai) for them.

You can opt for different designs depending on the material you get. You can use bamboo, pine and ume tree sprigs to create your personal Japanese decorative item. These are the trees used for making the traditional piece because Japanese consider that these symbolize longevity, prosperity and loyalty.

You can make Kadomatsu to decorate your home in Japanese New Year style. The center of this is made with three large bamboo shoots. You can also, get plastic ones also. Decorating this beautiful Japanese New Year centerpiece is very similar to ‘ikebana’ which is Japanese floral arrangement. The shoots are arranged a different heights as, each signifies one feature. Heaven, humanity and earth is the sequence as, Japanese believe that heaven is supreme and earth the lowest position.

All the three shoots are tied with straw mats and newly woven straw rope. You can further, decorate it with flowers, stars, lights and colors. Many people place kadomatsu in pair on either side of entrance door – one resenting male and other female.

Mochibana – This is one of the very popular Japanese New Year decorations which are made at home. It uses willow branches with white and pink colored mochi wrappers. Shogatsu marks the welcoming of spring in Japan and this is the reason for using plum, peach and cherry blossoms.

People prefer using Mochi and not original flowers because these originated in Japan. These are found on the snow mountain areas during the winters which are known as ‘yukiguni’. These are usually decorated on the door and windows.

Other than these Japanese also, adorn their home with bells, red paint and coins. The traditional decorations have replaced by the modern ones. People are more inclined towards decorating with lights and artificial floral arrangements.

Wishing you all very Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed the read and get better ideas for creating your Japanese New Year decoration.

New Year Decoration Ideas

New Year is round the corner, and you will need all the right decorative items to welcome it in grand style with a gala party.

Decorations form an integral part of the New Year celebrations and people across the globe give attention to what they use to deck up their party place or home when ushering in a brand New Year.

You will have to put in a little bit of thought when thinking about decorative pieces with which you can sparkle up your party venue. Get some New Year decoration ideas when revving up your party site to win words of praise from your guests. Decorating the place for welcoming the New Year will also give you the chance to show some creativity.

Think of an interesting theme before you begin to decorate you home. Whether you plan to keep a masquerade theme party or a snow while New Year’s Eve party, you will have to make dcor arrangements as per the theme you select. Color of the party venue, decorative items, attire and others depend on the theme that you keep for the day. Get your dcor done up in the style as per your theme to set the stage right for your party.

Once you decide the theme, know the areas of the house which you would want to deck up and learn about the ways in which you can decorate those areas for welcoming the New Year. Brighten up the entrance of your house with use of colorful, decorative pieces to lend the party venue a warm and colorful ambience. Use of wreaths or large flower bouquets on the doors can get you words of appreciation from your guests on the New Year’s Eve party. You can also attach colorful ribbons and hang bells on the door to give it an attractive look.

Most people often forget decorating the walkway when giving their home a facelift for the New Year party. However, avoid committing this mistake and uplift the ambience by adding creative decorative pieces to your entrance walkway. Floral as well as lightning arrangements for the walkway can make your home look like a happening party place of the town. Blend the colorful flowers to match with the multi-hued lights for the walkways. You can also consider hanging balloons if you have a tight budget for decorating your home on New Year’s.

Do not forget to deck up the stairways that run inside your home for New Year’s decoration. Use some of the creative New Year decoration ideas to make the stairway look bright for your party. Adorn the stairways with flowers and light up the sideways with illuminating bulbs to give your home that luxuriant feel and perfect ambience.

After you have decorated important parts of your home for the New Year’s party, plan a nice table decoration to give it that perfect look. Guests at your party are more likely to get drawn to the table for grabbing food items and drinks so make sure that you do not leave it unadorned. Keep the table clutter-free by avoiding the usage of huge centerpieces that occupy a lot of space on the table. In stead use a beautiful, small vase at the center and designer or scented candles to set the right mood for the party. Use your imagination to arrange china or silver ware on the table so that it does not fall spoil the floral arrangement done for the table. A sparkling table decoration will enhance the dining experience of the party guests. Get a small centerpiece or a well-designed candle-holder to make the table dcor look beautiful.

Give you home an elegant festive touch by placing a New Year tree, brightly done up with stars, lights and bells. You can place the New Year tree at the corner of your house or at the center of your drawing room table to attract the attention of the guests towards it. Hang glittering stars, banner, streamers and stickers from the ceilings and other different areas of your party place to give it a nice, classic look.

Use ribbons, candles, New Year horn and confetti for beautification and fun during the party. You can start off decorations for the New Year party from Christmas onward to jazz up your home during the entire festive week. Buy decorative pieces that will last the entire week, starting from Christmas celebrations to the New Year’s party. Rather than flowers and candles, opt for dried things that will not look rotten till the New Year arrives such as raffia, nuts, cinnamon sticks and cloves. Experiment with the New Year dcor ideas to give your party place that extra chic.

New Year’s Eve Decoration

New Year decorations are one of the most awaited features of the celebrations. You would be surely very excited to plan for the New Year’s Eve decoration. Here are some really innovative ideas for New Year décor.

New Years Eve invitations – Starting the invitations is the foremost step you must consider for the New Years party decoration. Make the invite very fancy and unique to welcome your loved ones. Your guests should feel special and must be eager to join you for the celebrations. It is not just the look and feel of the invitation but, you should also consider the wordings selected for the invite.

Go by the unconventional ideas like make trinket boxes for invitation or use paper roll with ribbon tied on it. Make the invite simple but very attractive that people feel to retain it with them forever.

Banners and posters – Its New Year time and you would love to spread your happiness with everyone. Why not create huge banners and posters for this. Decorate the party venue with vibrant colored posters and banners. You can use colored balloons, confetti, ribbons, lights and flags for this.

Piñatas are other very interesting ideas for you to create color and freshness in the New Year’s party décor. Jazz up the walkways with different shaped piñatas and let the younger ones enjoy the chocolates, candies and glitters from it.

Dine and wine – From the table centerpieces to the cutlery used for the New Years party should be special. It is not just the menu or drinks but, you should be very particular about the dinner wares and cutleries used to deck up the table.

The choice of the table cloth, centerpieces and other decorative items used in and around the dinner table is very important. You can opt for printed table covers with plain centerpieces or can go for vice-versa combination. Don’t be overly decorative and subtle the blend with pastel floral arrangements.

The food should look very appetizing. Check with your cook and get the proper planning done for presenting the cuisines in different styles. For this you can go for stylish dine wares. Jazz the table with aromatic candles and you can also, try floating candles for this.

Party Accessories – You would surely need party hats, goggles, masks, wings and wristbands to add vibrancy to your New Year decoration. Use the color theme here and order for matching props and accessories for the party celebrations.

Tips for New Year’s Eve decoration

  • Place dustbins near the dinner tables and at the walkways. This would ensure the place to be clean.
  • Use rubber stamps for the guests as, welcome message. You can try ‘Welcome 2019′, ‘New Year Party – Go wild 2019′ and many more.
  • You can also, use temporary tattoos for the guests. Your guests would surely love this idea.
  • Wack-up the party by taking pictures at the time of entering and when they are leaving; this could be part of your New Year journal.

Hope you enjoy the New Year’s Eve decoration ideas and wish you all very happy celebrations.