The Bahamas is a beautiful land of number of islands, cays, and rocks. It follows Georgian calendar of dates, and thus observes its New Year on the date of January 1 every year.

The Unique Bahamian New Years Eve

Being located in the southeast side of the United States, Bahamas hosts many people from United States as well as from various other places around the world during the New Year time.

One arrives in Bahamas with an expectation to have different and vigorous New Year celebrations, which Bahamas profoundly fulfills. The increased popularity of Bahamas as a New Year destination spot, has even turned its fate to ‘Family Islands’, which were once used to be called as ‘Out Islands’. Apart from the factors of natural splendor and pleasant weather of Bahamas, the other factor behind the growing stature of it as a New Year destination spot is the celebration made on New Years Eve.

New Year Eve’s saw Bahamas in its full vibrant mode, when it comes up with some of the most parties and celebrations. The most different aspect associated with it is the casualness with which Bahamas celebrates New Years Eve, which is very much intrinsic to the nature of Bahamas. That casual attitude of celebration contributes in making New Years Eve in Bahamas a big wild party, for which everyone wishes to be a part of. It is neither too hot nor too cold in Bahamas around New Year’s time, which makes it a pleasant time for the inhabitants as well as the visitors to have a gala time celebrating on New Years Eve.

The Day: New Years Eve

On December 31st of the Old year, i.e. on New Years Eve, most of the people love to spend their daytime relaxing and having fun on the beaches. The real party begins with the arrival of the evening, when almost all night clubs, discotheques, pubs, and hotels remain jam-packed with throngs of people. People spend the whole of night, and sometimes even the early hours of the morning of New Year cheering and celebrating. Being considered as an important festival by Bahamians, New Year is tried to be turned into a perfect goodbye time, and thus long preparations go in to ensure that.

The Junkanoo Celebration in Bahamas

The highlighted aspect of New Years Eve celebrations is a festivity, which is known as ‘Junkanoo’. Junkanoo is a conventional Bahamian style of celebration. It is in practice for more than a century, and holds a lot of prominence among the local people as well as the visitors, who every year wishes to be a part of it. Almost everyone, irrespective of their gender, age, and relationship status endeavor to get into it.

This special gala hosts huge crowd, who eat, drink, dance, cheer, and celebrate. Most of the people come up in striking and colorful dresses, to mark their grand welcome to one of the most important time of their year. Also, prepare make long hauled preparations for various performances, such as dance, music, acrobats, etc., reflecting the culture and tradition of Bahamians. Junkanoo initiates with a procession, in which people of all age participate. They head towards the ultimate party destination, where celebrations begin on New Years Eve and go on till the dawn of the New Year’s Day.

New Years Eve in Bahamas is a perfect time to sweep off the taste buds through some highly enthralling and delicious local dishes of Bahamas, which are simple yet extraordinary. It is also a perfect time to have a close and precise view of the rich tradition, culture, and heritage of Bahamas and Bahamian people. Being in Bahamas on New Years Eve ensures a profoundly frolic time for everyone, where one will only end up framing good memories of New Year.

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