Halloween is a fun holiday. Halloween is celebrated on October 31. People start planning for Halloween much in advance. You can include Halloween Games in your Halloween celebrations to make the event an unforgettable one.

Halloween Games Ideas

The Spooky Walk: It is a musical chairs type game. To play the game you will require cut out pictures, craft supplies and music. You can cut pictures of pumpkins, witches, brooms, scarecrows and ghosts. Place the cut outs in a circle on the floor. Ask the players to move in a circle. Play haunting music in the back ground. Stop the music at intervals and the players have to freezes by the item next to them. The leader then reads out the name of one of the cut outs. If he says 1 witch, then the person standing next to the witch cut out is out of the game.

Find the Pumpkins: To play Halloween games you will require miniature white pumpkins, orange pumpkins and miniature gourds. Construction paper and scissors as well as black felt tip marker are also required for the game. Prior to the game hide miniature white pumpkins, orange pumpkins and miniature gourds in your yard or house. In this game the player who finds out maximum pumpkins is the winner.

Weaving A Scary Tale: The players have to create a scary tale in just 1 minute. You have to write scary line on the cards and place it on the table. Each of the players picks up the card and creates a scary story. After one minute another player takes over. One who creates the scarcest tale is the winner.

Building A Monster: To play Building a Monster you have to draw an image of a ghost or monster. Cut the image into several parts. Blindfold each player and ask them to pin a body part to the monster. It is the funniest game which you can play in Halloween party.

Pass The Pumpkin: Divide the players into teams of six to eight people. Instruct the players to pass the miniature pumpkins without using their hands. The team which finishes the race first wins the game.

Halloween Treasure Hunt: To play the treasure hunt you have to make 9 rhyming clues. Make a 1 treasure map on paper. Place the clues and the treasure map around the yard. Provide the player with clue no 1; if they are successful in that then hand over clue no 2. The player who will find the treasure chest is the winner.

Some other Halloween games Ideas include:

  • Bobbing for Apples
  • Classic Hangman
  • Hall O’Ween and His Squishy Body
  • Find the Halloween Treasure
  • Halloween Pictionary
  • Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin
  • Make A Mummy
  • Make A Halloween Scene
  • Monster Tag
  • The Tell-Tale Tale
  • Are You A Good Witch?
  • Tragic Sam
  • Halloween Ice Breaker / Form Your Team Game
  • Gross Food Guess
  • Halloween Camera Scavenger Hunt
  • Halloween Video Scavenger Hunt
  • Halloween Movie Master Game
  • Witch Pricking
  • Scary Halloween Story
  • Monster Tag Halloween Game
  • Find the Pumpkins
  • How To Tell Ghost Stories

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