You never forget to hang stockings on Christmas night near the fireplace or the Christmas tree. But, do you the legend of the Christmas stocking and the importance of hanging it?

You might have enquired about it to your grandparents but, most of your would not be knowing the history of Christmas stockings.

There are different versions and customs associated with the Christmas stockings. In Canada it is hung near the bed end and in some other countries it is hung near the fireplace. A Christmas stocking is an empty sock bag or a sock that is hung near the fireplace on Christmas evening. Most of the fairy tales have shown that the Santa Claus drops gifts in it. It was a traditional custom to hang stockings in expectation of toys, candies and coins on the Christmas night.

Christmas stocking legend

The legend of the Christmas stocking originated from the acts of a kind man named Nicholas. He was born in 280 AD in Patara, a city of Lycia in Asia Minor. He lost his parents at a very early age. He was born in a very affluent family and was a true follower of Jesus Christ. Later, he became a Christian priest and sued all this wealth in serving the destitute. His kindness and generosity gained popularity as; he dedicated his entire life in serving the sick and needy people. Soon he became the Bishop of Myra and remained unmarried for the rest of his life.

Saint Nicholas was deemed as the Gift giver of Myra. He traveled across the globe serving and helping people. He was a true celibate who loved children and worked for their betterment.

Nicholas gave the gifts late in the night in order to maintain the secrecy of his nobleness. Eventually, he was known as the Saint Nicholas and the patron of children and sailors. Children were asked to sleep early so that Saint Nicholas can give the gifts secretly. This is one of most popular version of the legend of the Christmas stocking.

Famous Christmas stocking fable

One of the famous tales associated with the Christmas stocking fables is that of a poor peasant who lost his wife in some epidemic. He had the responsibility of marrying his three daughters. He had no money and property to offer to the men who were eligible for marriage. Those days it was mandate to give some amount to the prospective husbands. When Saint Nicholas came to know about this and decide to help him. As always, The Saint wanted to maintain his secret and one night after all the four people slept; he dropped a gold coin bag in their house. Neither the girls nor the poor peasant noticed this due to darkness in the tiny cottage. So, Saint dropped the bag in one of the stockings that was hung by the girls near the fireplace. He left the place tiptoed and no one came to know about his arrival.

Euphoria spread in the tiny cottage when the next morning the poor peasant noticed the bag of gold coins in the stockings. He got married his one daughter to a beautiful man and used the gold bag as, dowry. Similarly, he got married his other two daughters also after receiving more two bags on the next consecutive nights.

And in way the story of the Christmas stocking became famous and till date every year on Christmas night children hang socks near the cinder place. Later, Saint became Santa and Nicholas was known as Claus and you know it as – Santa Claus in the Legend of the Christmas stocking.

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