Every nation holds certain traditions and customs with which it celebrates its festivals. The same goes for the celebration of New Year, and the same goes for the European nation of Netherland.

Netherlands celebrates its New Year on January 1, and New Years Eve on a day before, i.e. on December 31st of the Old Year. One can clearly sense the intense influence of the Dutch traditions over their celebrations.

Also, New Year being considered as amongst the most cherished festivals of the nation, people do put in thoughtful plans and stern efforts to ensure a good New Years Eve, and a good start to the New Year. People engage in intensive shopping, and also make ensure to buy memorable New Year gifts for their near and dear ones. They make the most of the day, which is usually observed as a holiday in most of the organizations and institutions across Netherlands. Take a look at what all happen on New Years Eve in Netherlands.

Celebrations on New Years Eve in Netherlands

New Years Eve in Netherlands is preferred to be kept as a family affair. Even in the light of number of spectacular parties and events going all over the place, people do make sure to keep an adequate time safe for celebrations at home. However, only major cities in Netherlands host big-scale parties and that too in limited numbers. Amsterdam, the capital city as well as the biggest city of Netherlands, draws in crowds in thousands in numbers. The city square in the central Amsterdam, and Dam Square, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein are the biggest party stages of the evening.

Since, not everyone can be a part of them; it does not mean that most of the people end up doing nothing on New Years Eve. Plenty other adequately fun options are on the offer, in the form of number of other not-so-big and at the same time not-so-bad parties going on in number of local discotheques, clubs, and pubs. Also, spending quality time and celebrating at home with close friends and family members is never out of hand.
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Celebrations at Home

New Years Eve have some highly entertaining shows broadcasted on television, which is a favorite way to kill the time without getting bored on New Years Eve. The most popular show on New Years Eve is ‘oudejaarsconference’. It is a five decade old comedy program, and more precisely a comedy satire, performed by a cabaret performer once in a year on New Years Eve. It is highly reflective of the Dutch traditions and customs, and that is why, people find themselves attached to it in more than one way. Show makes satirical reviews of the events and eminent personalities, which remained in news in the last year.


There is a tradition of cleaning the entire home slightly before the time of the arrival of New Years Eve. Also, people make sure to beautifully decorate them, place down the best of silver and chine plates on the dinner table, and prepare the most special and delicious dishes for the platter. Traditionally, only men are invited for the celebrations, which are received by the women of the house. On New Years Eve, there is a tradition of pouring down at least a glass of liquor down the throat; in every house a man makes a visit.

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The special dinner served on New Years Eve is no way less than a feast for all those invited. Evening begins with eating oliebollen, a deep friend ball of dough usually covered in powdered sugar. Also, apple turnovers, another deep fried dish covered with powdered sugar is eaten. Other than that, visitors are usually treated with the Dutch winter food.

Celebrations at Midnight

People buy themselves as finest as possible bottle of champagne, which is toasted at the stroke of midnight to mark a grand welcome to the New Year. It is followed by distribution of champagne, and exchange of wishes of ‘Happy New Year’ in the local words of ‘Gelukkig Nieuwjaar’. Usually, people prefer to move out of their houses on the streets to be a part of community celebrations, and also for the purpose of watching the spectacular midnight fireworks show planned for the moment. However, the fireworks event occurs more on a private scale, rather than public. In fact, there are no official fireworks show organized in any of the Netherland cities. However, the private fireworks are in no way inferior, and when set off, create a magical picture over the skies of Netherlands.

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