Every year, you take part in numerous parties. Especially, during New Year eve and in New Year, such parties surround your life. Just two months before New Year, enjoy a marvelous party time with Halloween activities.

Yes, you can plan for a phantom party this year. Throw this party on 31st October. This is the Halloween night. A Halloween night is synonymous to scary Halloween ideas. Everywhere, you will observe haunted activities. The entire venue will take the shape of a phantom house.

Apart from horrible decoration ideas during Halloween party, you may create scary atmosphere with surprising menu ideas and games. Read ahead to know more about this interesting party night.

Scary Halloween decorations

  • Fake blood and body parts on Halloween party: Decorate your living room with artificial body parts. Create a dimly lit room and scatter some fake body parts here and there. For this purpose, boil some spaghetti noodles and mix red and blue food colors together with them. Also, take some balloons and pour boil water in them. Spread some strawberry jam onto the balloons. Now request your guests to touch the balloons which will act as head and brain of the body parts. It will really make people scared.

  • Scary cobwebs and Halloween: Cut out some strings. Dip them in fake blood. Hang the wet strings in the room. Cut some artificial spiders. Set them in the web of the strings. It will create a scary cobweb. After entering into the party zone, guests will face the wet cobwebs. It will really horrify them on Halloween night.
  • Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns: Draw some scary faces on hard papers. After cutting them, hang those ghosts every where. Clearly display the horrible faces using some jack-o-lanterns. You may position some candles inside the traditional jack-o-lanterns. The entire atmosphere will create dangerous feeling in the mind of the guests.

Scary Halloween Menus

  • Meringue Bones
  • Gravestone Cookies
  • Graveyard Cupcakes
  • Rats Baked in Blood
  • Halloween Layer Cake
  • Severed Fingers with Toxic Dip
  • Tasty Pumpkin Treats
  • Pumpkin Face Cookies
  • Healthy Halloween Pumpkin Treats
  • Bloody Punch with Floating Hand of Death
  • Zombie‚Äôs Brain with Tombstone Toasts
  • Maggoty Pumpkin Soup
  • Witch Cupcakes
  • Dracula’s Blood Pudding

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