New Year is considered as a time of optimism by one and all, and Australia is no different. The whole of Australia engage itself in enthusiastic celebrations of New Year, with customs and traditions holding the core of it.

They follow the rule of Georgian calendar, and thus consider January 1 as the date and celebration of New Year. New Year celebrations are traditionally made over an extended period of six days, with January 6 being the last day of celebration.

New Year Celebration in Australia

No matter, whether one chooses to stay at home or come out, the mood of zest and celebrations of New Year remain on a constant high among people of Australia. Usually, with New Year being a public holiday, people along with their friends and families come out of their houses to be a part of the group celebrations as made at beautiful beaches, discotheques, pubs, clubs, hotels, and social parties organized for the purpose.

Celebrations with high degree of fervor all over the place continue for the first six days of New Year. The highly fervent New Year celebrations in Australia are world popular, which is the reason why Australia emerges to be the favorite tourist spot among visitors in and around the time of New Year.

Traditionally, people prefer to make a visit to the Church to offer their prayers to the supreme Lord. People along with their families make an early morning visit to the local or main Church to pray Lord in order to get confer with His blessings for the New Year. For the fact, the traditional customs of formally announcing the arrival of New Year is officially considered to take place with the twelve rings of the bell in the Church on the midnight of the New Year.

As soon as people hear the twelve rings, they mutually show their bliss by cheering and making noises through drums, trumpets, horns, and other musical instruments. It is followed by sharing of hugs, kisses, and wishes with all those who are present. Also, beautifully crafted show of fireworks, which take place at exactly the 00:00 hours of January 1, is something which people enthusiastically and eagerly wait for.

Major New Year Celebration Hubs in Australia

Though, the entire Australia celebrates New Year with customs and traditions with unparalleled degrees of happiness and joy, the New Year celebrations and parties as made out in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Darwin are highly popular, more prominently for their grand celebrations and peculiar show of fireworks.

New Year in Sydney, Australia: Sydney hosts one of the most enthralling of New Year celebrations of the whole world. With the arrival of New Year, the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge is lit up with more than 80000 fireworks, creating an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for the spectators. The degree of firework is intense and extravagant to an extent that it can be viewed anywhere within the radius of 16 km. around Sydney.

The fireworks are perfectly string along with the soothing music, presented by a group of vocalists of Sydney Council. Another major attraction is the Sydney New Year beach party, along with other New Year parties thrown on the eve of New Year, in which people pleasantly engage in with activities such as bonfires and camping. A ride through a cruise is necessary to complete the New Year celebration experience in Sydney.

New Year in Melbourne, Australia : The Melbourne city of Australia is another major hub for celebrating New Year with an experience that remains etched in mind till the end of life. Melbourne is highly popular for the parties it throws on New Year’s Eve. Discotheques, pubs, hotels, and restaurants saw masses of people coming and becoming part of high energy parties, where arrangements are made for special buffets and exceptional dinners.

The famous rock bands performing across the Melbourne city add a complete new oomph to the New Year vigor. Another major attraction which one can’t afford to miss is the depiction of the Chinese-Australian rituals, as a part of which traditional practices of ‘sacrificing to ancestors’, are performed with dedication and enthusiasm in the China place in Melbourne.

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