Christmas is an occasion to celebrate “love and light” as the Christians would say. To them it’s a celebration of their “Lord God Jesus Christ. Colorful gifts and X-Mas crafts gain a lot of popularity here.

There are some innovative and creative Christian Christmas crafts that are characterized by the festival. If you haven’t tried them yet, you can try making one or two. They would certainly add a difference to your house interiors and Christmas decorations.

Let us have a look some of the famous Christian Christmas craft ideas.

Best Christian Christmas Craft Ideas

A Baby Jesus

If you want to make this, then all you will require is a brown paper lunch bag, yellow paper, a piece of small fabric and a picture of baby Jesus. You can then cut the top of the paper bag. Do it in such a way that about an inch is left behind in the bottom. This is will go in for the manger.

Post this you can cut the yellow construction paper. Make thin strips out of it. You can treat them as straw and put or at the base of the manger .You can then cut out the picture of baby Jesus and put it on the straw. After this, you can cut out the fabric, so that it resembles likes a small blanket. Place it on the bay.

Little Christmas Angel

Our kids associate this time of the year with magic, Santa Claus, magic elves and cherubs. Therefore helping them to make a little Christmas angel will certainly be a good idea.

The ingredients that you would need to make it are a paper doily, yellow pipe cleaner, a foil piece, clothespin, a photo of your child’s head and a glue stick.

You can start by folding the doily into half, so that look similar to that of an angel’s dress. You can then glue to the clothespin. Take the picture of your child’s head and paste it at the top of the dress. You can now create a small halo out of the pipe cleaner and paste it to the back of the head. Do it in such a way that it forms a circle around the head. Make wings out of the foil and have it attached.

A Stained Glass Candle holder

This is yet another beautiful Christian crafts that you can make on the Christian Eve. Once you finish creating this, you will see it holds similarity with the church stained glasses. Take an old clean baby food jar for the same. Apart from this you will modge podge glue, colored tissue papers, tea light candle, and a foam paint brush.

As you begin making it, make sure that the food jar is cleaned with all labels removed. Paste the tissue paper on the jar. Do it such a manner that the colors are overlapped. When it is fully covered you can apply a layer of Modge Podge and let it dry. You can put the tea light candle inside to have a warm glow. If you want you can also use glitters on the jar as you use the glue.

Similarly other sweet Christian Christmas craft ideas may include making of praying hands, candles, Santa Claus, and the like.

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