Christmas is no more confined to American and European nations and this popular festival has spread all over the world. Christmas around the world is celebrated with equal exciting and festivity.

It is not only awaited and enjoyed in American countries but, has captivated the hearts of Asian and other parts of the world.

Christmas celebration at the Church

If you are a devoted Christian then your day must start at the Church. Begin your day with a beautiful carol. Say a silent prayer and hope that the coming days bring all the happiness and prosperity to you. After that you must participate in the Christmas prayer along with your other family members. Midnight mass is offered just after that. After completing all the rituals you should greet everybody in the church.Non Christians celebrate the day in some other way. Some go for a family picnic and the others attend several get together.

Christmas celebration at home

Spend all the day with your near ones. You can also invite some of your friends and relatives for lunch. The Christmas lunch must be done with a roasted turkey, gammon, bread slices, puddings and cakes. Some good wines should also be there. It complements the lunch dish. After the lunch watch a movie. If children are there then choose a movie which can also be enjoyed by them.

Christmas Party Celebration

Throw a Christmas party in the evening. All the arrangements must be done in a unique way. Decorate the house with various decors which are available for this particular occasion. The decoration items include Christmas bell, tree and socks. You can also have a variety of sparkling lights in different price range. Apart from that, balloons, artificial flowers can also be used to beautify your house.

Arrange party foods according to the tastes of the guests. If children are there then you must include some delicious chocolates and muffins in your menu. Moreover, make it interesting with some tasty snacks items. Don’t forget to bring some good cakes and wines.

Some important tips for Christmas celebration

  • Buy some Christmas gifts for your friends and relatives. It could be a cosmetic set, a bottle of wine or a shaving set for male friends.
  • Greet your near ones with a beautiful Christmas card. It is the best way to greet him or her.
  • For perfect food arrangements, ask the invitees about their tastes when inviting.
  • Collect some good movies which you can enjoy with your family and friends. You can have them at your local library. Various downloadable movies are also available online. You can browse through and have them.


Christmas celebrations around the Globe


Christmas in Brazil – Brazilians are known for multi ethnicities people so, you can find different cultural ways and tradition of celebrating this festival. In Brazil Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December and they have their own heritage that originated from the former Portuguese colonies. Among all the other traditions the most important one is to create a nativity or Presepio. This word has originated from Hebrew word “Presepium” that means bed of straw on which Jesus slept in Bethlehem.

You can find very little difference in the Brazilian way of celebrations than other parts of America. People of Northern Brazil enjoy folk plays and the shepherds are known as, shepherdesses. You can see an act of gypsy dance where they kidnap the Christ child.

Enjoy a huge scrumptious meal during the Christmas and you can have fun binging on turkey, ham, colored rice and fruit dishes. Decorations are also, different from other places. Christmas around the world decorate house with X-mas trees. In Brazil, fireworks are done on this auspicious evening, fresh flowers are included for home décor and colossal electric lamps are used for outside decoration on Christmas Eve.

Christmas in France – Merry X-mas around the world is not untouched by the European nations. In France, Christmas is more of a family and friends gathering time. Wining and dining is the main activity done by the Europeans in France. Long before the Christmas arrival only, the houses are decorated and nativity scenes are displayed as a popular customary ceremony. Small clay figures called ‘santons’ which are like tiny saints are placed in the crèche. These cute tiny figures are made by French craftsmen thought out the year. During annual fairs on Christmas in Marseille and Aix these ‘santons’ are sold.

On the Christmas Eve the churches and cathedrals are adorned with lamps and electric lights. Children place their shoes and wooden clogs near the fireplace to be filled with toys, candies and gifts. Many kids even write letters to Papa Noel in expectation of gifts on this evening. Unlike, Merry Christmas celebration around the world – Christmas trees in France is not so popular. With the change of time and traditions people have forgotten the use of Yule log. After the dinner people retire to beds, leaving the fire burning in honor of Virgin Mary who is expected to visit the homes.

Christmas around the World is one of the biggest and most awaited festivals of people. Carol signing, exchanging of gifts, tree decorations and fire works are common in all the other parts of the world.

You can witness some the most enthralling Christmas celebrations in Asian and African nations. However, the ways and means of expressing the Christmas have changed but, you can experience the same enthusiasm and excitement around the globe on Christmas.


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