Most of us have seen the traditional bell symbol by which Christmas was symbolized or represented. Over the years Christmas bells have been given a lot of prominence. The “jingle bells” are looked upon as a harbinger of good news. It is said that its sound welcomes the auspicious season of celebrations and festivities.

Christmas bells have been also used as a piece of decoration. If you are looking at several choices, then we present you with the following types of Christmas bells:-

Types of Christmas Bells

Christmas Crystal bells

One of the famous categories is the Christmas Crystal bells. You will get them in attractive earthy hues that are quite dazzling. In huge parties and gatherings they are a must. These come in other variations as well. Some of the names are listed below for you to choose from:-

  • Partridge in a Pear Tree Christmas Bells
  • Calling Birds Christmas Bells
  • Turtle Dove Christmas Bells
  • Twelve Days of Christmas Bells
  • Silver Plated Christmas Bells
  • Five Golden Rings Christmas Bells
  • Christmas Tree Bells
  • Jeweled Dove Christmas Bells
  • Crystal Star Christmas Bells

Christmas Chime Bells

The chime bells are specially known for their soft and melodious sounds. They are known to make the exterior of a room even more enchanting. They are known to produce soft and soothing sounds, when swirled by a gush of wind or air. Put it up in your garden area and notice the difference. Other places where these bells would look good are an open doorway, near the window or the porch’s ceiling. They also include some variations, which are given as below:-

  • Jingle Christmas Bells Wind Chime
  • Christmas Jollier Holiday Ceramic Bells Chime
  • Christmas Angel Story Bells Wind Chime
  • Christmas Tree Chimes Bells
  • Metal Chime Christmas Bells
  • Silver Christmas Chime Bells
  • Angel Christmas Chime Bells
  • Christmas Bells for Frosted Glass Snowflake Chime

Sleigh Christmas Bells

This particularly reminds us of Santa Claus and the bells he uses that makes magical sounds. The sleigh Christmas bells always remind one and all about the “Jingle Bells”. You can get them from the market in various colors and types as well. The different variations are as follows:-

  • Individual Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Heirloom Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Animal Shaped Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Gold Plated Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Sterling Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Holy Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Silver Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Musical Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Santa Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Traditional Strap Sleigh Christmas Bell

Cherub Christmas Bells

Christmas brings with it an aura of magic and sparkle. We are somehow reminded of fairies, angels, cherubs and other celestial bodies. These celestial beings were known as the messengers of God. Keeping this in mind we have the cherub Christmas bells. Some people consider it to be auspicious and lucky to have these bells on Christmas Eve. Some of the variations are as given below:-

  • Porcelain Cherub Dinner Christmas Bells
  • Green Wedgwood Christmas Bells With Cherubs
  • Cherubs Ringing Christmas Bells
  • Royal Doulton Christmas Bells With Cherub
  • Holy Cherub Baby Christmas Bells
  • Cute Enesco Cupid Cherub Angel Christmas Bells
  • Heavenly Cherub Hostess Angel Christmas Bells
  • Silver Plated Cherub Playing Horn Christmas Bells
  • Cherub Brass Christmas Bells

These wide varieties of Christmas Bells are available in the nearby markets. Make a difference in your Christmas celebrations with them !

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