Christmas means family time. Kids come running home on their last day of schools only to find Christmas waiting right at their door knocking lovingly. To engage kids with some interesting and artistic job, you need to check out some of the amazing Christmas crafts which can be easily created during these holidays.

Kids need not worry much though as these Christmas crafts are such an interesting activity, that adults too are tempted to participate in it.

Interesting Christmas Crafts:

Making Christmas crafts is no rocket science. These are easy and can be made with the use of household stuffs. All you need are the common stuff such as, a pair of scissors, piece of cloth, colored papers, glue, and tapes and so on. You can check out some of the amazing things which can be created as Christmas crafts as follows:

    • Snowman and Jingle Bell combo: To make this pretty jingle bell snowman, you will require 3 large jingle bells, craft wire, toothpick, 2 small red pompoms, silver ribbon, green sequins, white craft glue, acrylic paints and so on. Using all these, tiny little snowman’s ready.


    • Stuffed Santa: To make a stuffed little cute Santa, all you need is red, white, flesh colored and pink colored felt. You also need 2 small black pompoms and one pink pompom and a medium sized white pompom with glitters, cotton batting, hot glue and a 6 piece red ribbon. With all these and a little precision, your little Santa is ready.


    • Baby Jesus: You can certainly create a baby Jesus with the help of woolen doll body, polystyrene, brown tan felt and a handful of raffia. You can make a baby Jesus that seems to be wrapped in a brown piece of cloth.


    • Penguin Ornament: You can make such wonderful and cute penguins with the help of wood circle, acrylic paint, 8 piece yarn, and toothpick and so on. These little penguins look beautiful when decorated on trees and so on.


    • Layered Christmas tree: You can make a lovely Christmas tree with the help of certain stuff which include gold colored felt, brown acrylic paint, glue, 8 piece of yarn, jumbo craft stick etc. This looks beautiful when decorated with some other interesting Christmas crafts.


  • Reindeer: Christmas crafts also include making a reindeer. You can make one very easily with the help of a small brown triangular pot, brown felts for horns, white and black felts, pink felt, and glue and so on. It is one of the interesting Christmas crafts which can be created out of the stuff present mostly at home.

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Some of the interesting Christmas crafts ideas that you can try out this season are:-

A Manger Scene

You can try making a manger with the help of a wooden box, which can go in as the manger. This in turn can be filled with straw and dried grass. Get some dolls and dress them up as various characters. You can place wherever you wish to around the manger scene.

Christmas Bobbles

To make the best Christmas bobbles, you can purchase the Styrofoam balls from the market and paint them. Choose any particular color that you would want to. Apart from the colors of your choice you can use glue and glitter. Use glue to paste the glitter dust on the balls. If you want you can also use small strips of ribbons and other decorative elements that you feel like. The Styrofoam balls are easily available in the market and are reasonably priced.

Christmas Candles

Candles are an essential part of almost any celebration and festivities. You can make your own candles this Christmas. Homemade candles are easy to make with some simple easy steps. You can use even various fragrances to make scented candles. Use various colors and shapes as per your choice. If you want you can add glitters and make some personalized designs on the candles. These candles can be given as Christmas gifts to friends and family or you can light them beside the Christmas trees.

Christmas ribbons and festoons

These are the Christmas wreaths that can be hanged from one end of the room to the other for decoration. Other decorative items like bells, stars and the like are then attached to it. Some of them are used around the Christmas trees. There are various styles in which these wreaths can be made. Some of them can be made using tinsel, plastic fruit motifs, wire framing, colored crepe ribbons and even bobbles.

Christmas Cookies

Cookies are the attractive element of any Christmas celebrations. You can make some artificial cookies and cakes as decorative pieces to add to the Christmas tree. You can use soft paper board, colored papers, ribbons, glitters to make them. You can also make cookie boxes of some of the eminent brands and keep it beside the Christmas tree!

Apart from these other best Christmas craft ideas are:-

  1. Wall hangings
  2. Decorative Mistletoes
  3. Chimes
  4. Christmas Flags and banners for home.

These and several others can form a part of your ideas for Christmas crafts. These are the best ways to engage not just kids but the entire family and have a great time creating these things as a part of your Christmas preparation.

Use of Christmas Crafts:

These simple yet wonderful crafts for Christmas can be used in many ways:

  • You can decorate these on a Christmas tree
  • You can decorate these on the walls as a part of your Christmas decor
  • These can be used as simple gifts for neighbouring children as well as tokens for adults
  • These can be used to create the birth of Jesus scene in your garden area.

Christmas crafts are an amazing thing to do on a Christmas. Making some of these easy crafts help you transcend into the Christmas mood. Make your Christmas a little more fun by participating in making these lovely Christmas crafts along with your family members.

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