Every year you feel you are decorating your home in the same fashion. Why not think of some unique Christmas decorating ideas and surprise your guests?

You just have to be a little more creative and use your imagination to team up your home decor with brilliant Christmas decorating ideas.

Christmas bells, crystal balls and stockings are among the top picks for home decor. You can also get Victorian balls that are embellished with beads and laced with ribbons for Christmas tree decorations.

Decorating Irish Christmas tree ideas

Ireland is known for its scenic beauty and lush green lands. You would have thought of adoring your Christmas tree with some theme. Irish theme would be great idea for you. Enjoy the Irish music while you are decorating your Irish themed Christmas tree.

Green is the color of tree and you would be simple spell bound by the different shades you can have in this color. The gorgeous green decors would be overwhelming feeling you can give to your X-mas tree. Here are some Christmas decorating ideas for your amazing tree.

You have to pick the right accessories to decorate your Irish Christmas tree. Make a blend of all the different ornaments that symbolizes the aspects of Ireland. Since, green is your theme you have to select all the accessories in the tints and shades of green. Here is the list of the items you can pick to create a perfect Irish themed Christmas tree –

  • Green ornaments and ribbons
  • Irish snowman
  • Shamrock symbol in green
  • Musical instruments and notes
  • Tiny fairy ornaments (preferably in the shades of green)
  • Green pot of gold
  • St. Patrick’s toy
  • Green butterflies and emerald isle
  • Vertical hanging beads and sequences

White Christmas decoration ideas You can turn your home into amazing snow white with Christmas decorating ideas. The sparkling white and silvery effect is loved by most of the people. Give your home a very sophisticated look by using the white themed Christmas decoration ideas.

    • Spray some snow on the Christmas tree and you can use silver spray paint to decorate it with silvery shiny touch. For lights you can use combination of clear lights. Use a mix of steady lights and twinkling lights.


    • Drape the windows and doors with white laced curtains and you can opt for transparent window dressings also. Use more of silvery white accessories in your home.


    • Your Christmas tree would be green and white decorative items would look amazing on them. It gives a contrasting effect when you hang white and silver ribbons on it.


    • Give frosty touch to your tree and near by places. Use more of white glittery fern sprays and ornate everything with milky white Christmas ornaments.


  • Hang white wreathes on your door. For this you can warp white ribbons around the green wreath and fix white bows and beads to it.

Christmas decorating ideas is incomplete without the desserts and appetizers. Use more of whipped cream and vanilla for your dessert dressing you can also, add some silver mint balls and marshmallow items to decorate you centre table with a fruit basket.


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