What is the most exciting part of Christmas? For most of you it would be surely the Christmas decorations. Long before the arrival of Christmas people are busy with indoor and outdoor decorations.

You would be busy searching for different accessories to adorn your living spaces. Every year you must be frantic to create a different look for your home.
Christmas decorations are very old traditions which are still being carried by most of the families. You can start your Christmas home decor by deciding on a theme. It would be easy for your pick up the decorative supplies from the store if, you are clear about your Christmas decoration ideas.
Try to keep it simple rather than opting for too many hangings and lights. Firstly, you have to make a list of the places you want to adorn with lights and other accessories. Doors, windows, stairs, balconies, garden and backyard are the main areas you would like to give a Christmas feel.

Christmas Decorations Items

Here is the list of some important decoration items for the Christmas.

  • Christmas tree: This is an inseparable decor for the occasion. You can have lots of artificial Christmas tree at your local store. Bring one and place it at the front door. Now decorate with various colorful ribbons, bells and fake gift packets.
  • Christmas bell: This item is available in various sizes and sparkling colors. Chains of various colorful bells are also easily available in the market. You can buy them to decorate your entire hall and the entrance as well.
  • Santa Clause: Children’s favorite. You can have it in different sizes. Buy one and put it beside the Christmas tree.
  • Socks: Children still today believe that Santa gives gifts inside the socks. Thus it is also a very important decoration item for Christmas. Bring some of them from the local market and hang them on the wall. These are available in different sizes and price range.
  • Sparkling lights: Sparkling lights are available in various colors. These are offered in patterns. They make the ambience gorgeous and stunning. You can decorate your entire house and also rooms with these items. You house will get a gorgeous look.
  • Toys: Some teddies and toys also can make your living room a beautiful one.


Decoration Ornaments and Items


Christmas Decoration ornaments and items come in varied shapes, sizes and colors. These are easily available in the markets and can adorn your house throughout the festive season.

  1. Mistletoes to hang in your doorways.
  2. Holly and Ivy.
  3. Christmas wreaths and Garlands that can bring the green to your house.
  4. Christmas Lights and electric Candles to light up your rooms and yard.
  5. Snow flakes and stars for decorations on the trees in the yard for outdoor party.
  6. Miniature Christmas Tree and its ornaments.
  7. Hand painted eggshells and cookies.
  8. Miniatures of Santa Claus in German Glass.
  9. Red Christmas Stockings for the windows.
  10. You can also decorate your house based on certain themes such as ~Rustic Forest theme, with straws and little cottages in the yard.
  11. Create the illusion of snow inside your house and make miniatures of Santa on sleigh and reindeers in your drawing room.


X-mas Tree Decoration

You can never miss the Tree for your Christmas decorations. Firstly select the right size and shape of tree you want for your home. Check that it fits the place where you want to keep it. You have the option of picking up a real tree or an artificial one. Decorating a tree is easier than, other places. Place the tree in the centre of the living area so that all the guests can see it. Ensure that it doesn’t disturb the activity and party area. This will keep the decorations safe and the kids would not get hurt.


You can so many things on your X-mas tree – lights, crystal balls, bells, tiny toys, candy canes, false tiny gifts, stockings and rings.


Christmas decoration Tips

  1. You can get the lovely poinsettias in the bud stage and leave them to bloom after they have been decorated. This would be an amazing way of beautifying your place.
  2. You can keep the flowers fresh through out the week by spraying miracle grow solution on them. Water your beautiful poinsettias plant every three days with this and you would see that they stay fresh.
  3. You can keep your indoor and outdoor wreaths fresh by keeping them away from the direct heat vent. The weather might be a bit rough during the Christmas season. You can save the Christmas decorations by taking a little extra care.
  4. You can adorn your interiors by using lush green plants. Just ensure that you place them in cool and dry place.
  5. You can create you centre piece by cutting fresh fruits and veggies and placing them on the centre table in a basket. You can decorate the basket with ribbons and small bows.

Christmas Party Decor

Want to throw a party in the Christmas? If yes then you must need some decoration ideas. Decorate your entire house with fresh and artificial flowers, balloons and sparkling lights. The entrance should also be well decorative. Hang the chains of balloons and bells on the front door wall. Your living and dining halls should also be well decorated with lots of flowers, balloons and other items including bells and socks.

So what are you waiting for? Can’t you hear the Jingle Bells already? Start getting things ready and decorate your house with the latest as well as the traditional Christmas Decoration items, you got to know about from 123newyear.


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