Christmas decorations are like a custom. It is during the Christmas that you give your heart and soul in decorating your house and its surroundings. Christmas Disney decorations are one of the favorite themes chosen for decorations during Christmas.

Christmas is a wonderful festival to bring out your inner creativity. You can do so by taking up the beautiful Christmas Disney decorations and using it to beautify your house.

Decorating the Christmas tree with Disney decorations:

You can begin with the Christmas tree. You can decorate the Christmas tree with these wonderful Christmas Disney decorations. Some of these may include:

  • Using Disney ornaments with various characters like Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and so on.
  • Make Disney decorative items by cutting the pictures of Disney characters and sticking them with string or over bells and so on. You can also stick Disney stickers on the general ornaments.
  • You can also choose one particular theme as the Disney theme and decorate the entire tree with the same character or characters from the same Disney series.
  • Decorate the apex of the Christmas tree with a fairy or a Star held by any of the Disney character.

Christmas Disney decorations for your House:

Your house must look beautiful with the amazing Christmas Disney decorations. You can use some of the ideas to decorate your house with the Disney theme for Christmas. Some of these ideas include:

  • Get the walls painted with Disney Characters
  • You can also stick pictures of Disney characters in form of a collage on the walls of your house.
  • Decorate the inside of your house with some excellent Disney lights
  • Have Disney special wall hangings and Christmas gifts
  • Decorate the diner table with a bowl full of chocolates and desserts with Disney characters as their theme

Exterior Decorations in Disney theme:

Christmas Disney decorations can also find themselves adorning the exterior of your house or the Christmas party venue. Some of the ideas to utilize these Disney Christmas decorations are:

  • Have Fireworks with Disney theme
  • Make the Disney special castles, houses, tents and so on. For e.g., Jasmine’s castle, the house of Snowwhite and Redrose and so on.
  • Spread some Disney stickers or pebbles in your garden.
  • Have Disney special balloons to adorn the exterior of your house.

Special Disney Attraction during Christmas:

To make your Christmas celebration extra special, you can hire men who come dressed as Disney characters. Kids love such a surprise on Christmas. These disguised Disney characters are fun to watch and dance with.

Special items for Christmas Disney Decorations:

Some of the excellent stuff which can form a part of your Christmas Disney decorations is:

  • Disney special ornament box
  • Disney Bells
  • Porcelain made Princess Collectible
  • Disney CD’s of Elmo, Aladdin, Princess and so on
  • Crystal made Disney ornament collection
  • Disney music box with books
  • Disney Sculptures
  • Disney Christmas figurines
  • Disney toys
  • Disney photo frames and photographs

Christmas Disney Decorations are unique and give a special touch to your celebration. As adults, you too feel like being transformed into your childhood days when you were so fond of these cute characters. Celebrate your Christmas with this cute and lovely decoration.


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