Christmas is traditionally the time when people meet with their loved ones and enjoy games and activities together. If you are looking for some nice Christmas game ideas, this is the place to be in.

Christmas – the season of fun

It is during Christmas that one gets the chance to be with his or her dear ones who live far away. It is the season of fun. It is a time when people like to celebrate the most and spend a great time with their friends. Christmas games give one the chance to do just that. During Christmas, children as well as adults play a lot of games to have loads of fun. These fantastic game ideas for Christmas will help you have a nice festive time with your dear ones during the holidays.

Games for Christmas

Guess the Song

This one is a musical Christmas game. You need a list of famous Christmas songs and some clever thinking to play this game.

1.Make a list of some famous Christmas songs.
2.Re-write a line from the middle of each of the Christmas songs.
3.Sing this in the exact tune as the original line.
4.Ask each participant to correctly guess the title of the song it has been taken from.
5.Whoever guesses it correctly wins the round.
6.There should be as many rounds as the number of songs in the list. The player who wins the most number of rounds wins the game.

Hand to hand

This is one of the best Christmas game ideas for you. This entertaining game keeps the players hooked and gives lots of fun.

    • Keep a music player beside yourself.


    • Ask all the participants to sit in a row or a circle.


    • Hand over a toy Santa to one of the participants.


    • Turn your back to the participants and turn on the music.


    • As soon as the music starts, the one holding the toy should pass it on to the person sitting on his left. That person should hand it over to the one sitting left to him and so on.


    • Turn off the music suddenly. After the music stops, the one found to be holding the ball should quit the game. You can now enter the game while he or she takes charge of the music.


    • Continue the game until all the players have got OUT at least once.


Christmas word game

This nice game will keep you and your dear ones entertained.

    • Hand over a piece of paper and a pen to each of the participants.


    • Give a Christmas related word such as ‘Poinsettia’ or ‘Reindeer’ to the players.


    • Give the participants 60 seconds. Ask them to write down as many smaller words that they can find from the large word.


    • When the time runs out, find out how many words each player found out.


    • The participant who wins the most number of rounds wins the game.


Use these Christmas Game Ideas to make your Yuletide celebrations more fun filled for yourself and your loved ones.

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