Christmas comes with joy, happiness, togetherness, and fun. For some, it brings the family and friends together while for some Christmas is all about celebrations and fun-filled experiences.

Be it a secluded celebration or lavish party, Christmas games play a vital role in the celebration. Christmas games not only set the mood for the party, but they also bring added color to the party.

Christmas games for the kids

You must arrange games for the upcoming Christmas party? If kids are there then you must think some game ideas also for them here is a unique game idea for the children. Go through it.

Finding things in Stocking:

  • Things required: Christmas stockings, ribbons, chocolate bars, candies, pen and paper, miniature ball ornaments, springs of mistletoe and stop watch
  • How to play:
    • Fill the Christmas stockings with candies, chocolate bars, mistletoe and ball ornaments. Tie them with the ribbons.
    • Give each of the participants a stocking.
    • Now start the game. Set the time of two minutes in the stopwatch. In this time period, they have to feel the objects which are in the stocking and have to write down their guises in the paper. Participant, who will make maximum number of right guesses, will be decaled as a winner.

Christmas games for the adults

Here are game ideas for the adult members of the family. Have a look.

Scavenger Hunt game

Scavenger hunt can also be arranged for the party. The game usually is played in individuals or teams. There is a list of some things which are kept hidden in several places of the party hall. Who finds all the things first wins the game.

Santa Beard

In this game you need two teams. Divide the participants into two groups. A participant of each team has to apply some petroleum jelly to the other members of his team. After that he has to attach an artificial beard on the chin of them. Who will be able to do it earlier, his team will be declared as the winner.

Here are some more Christmas party games for you, which you can try on your Christmas party:

Santa Hat Game: When it comes to Christmas celebrations, no one can ignore the importance of Santa Claus. So let’s play a game with Santa. You can use normal party hats for this game or can use Santa hats as well. This fun game is based on your observation. The game is all about how long you can wear the hat. Once the game has started, distribute the hats among all the guests. And then ask them to focus on other things in the party. The real fun begins when they shift their attention from the hat and put off their hats. The person, who wears it for the longest period of time.

Celebrity hunt: Everyone loves celebrities, isn’t it? Be it the name of an actor or character, you can name them in this game. Write the names of the celebs on a paper and stick it to the left side of the forehead, so that the players cannot see the names. Now list down the events, which have made them famous. Now the game begins. The players will have to pick the name of the celebrity with the list of events, associated with the star. The circle will move, until you have the right answer. This is a fun game, in which every single guest can take part.

X-mas Present Game: Fir this game, you will need a pair of gloves, one hat, and one dice. One prize will be wrapped in a number of boxes and newspaper. One group will be asked to stand in a circle while the ingredients will be placed at the centre of the circle. When the game will begin, one player will have to roll the dice. On a six, the players have to go to the middle and wear hat and gloves. Start unwrapping the packets quickly, before the next player stops the dice with a six. If the next player has a six, he has to take the hat and gloves from the previous person and also has to unwrap the package. The game will continue until the package het unwrapped completely.

Musical Chairs: This is one of the fun Christmas games ever. Fir this game, you will need some contestants and some chairs. If there are 10 people, the chairs should be 9 in number. The chairs have to set on a perfect circle. One has to play a Christmas number and has to stop all of a sudden. The player, who missed the chair, is out from the game. The winner is the one, who will capture the chair lastly.

With these simple, unique Christmas game ideas, you can make your Christmas party different from the others.

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