Christmas is the time to enjoy and have fun. People exchange greetings and gifts during this time of the year and ends up the year impeccably in a memorable style.

So how can one forget one of the important person of your life i: e your boyfriend.

Although it’s not that tough to choose something for him since they have limited choice and are somewhat predictable but still it should synchronize with their interests. Be thoughtful while choosing and hence some ideas have been shared below –

Beer Gift Basket:

They will definitely love this gift and will thank you for it. It will be useful for them during this celebration weekend which usually extends till New Year Eve. This basket not only includes beer from some known brands but also snacks that can be consumed along with beer.

Pop Up Photo Box:

He can store some of the photos in this box and as he pulls one of them the other also comes out. He can place it on his working desk and keep you in memory even while even he is busy with his work.

HD Webcam:

You can gift this to your boyfriend and remain connected even though he is far away from you through some great internet services like Skype or Google hangouts. He can even use it for work purpose and will prove handy for him.

Sony 3D Blu-ray Disc Player:

Most of the men are movie freak and love to watch them in their spare time. This gift will redefine the way he watches movies. Sony has 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player with superb Wi-Fi for movie viewing pleasure. Apart from this he can enjoy 300+services like Netflix, youtube, Hulu Plus and more. It also facilitates mobile device mirroring on television with Miracast technology thereby offering access to Face book, Twitter.


Buy a latest smart phone version and thrill him by presenting the latest amazing mobile technology. Likes of Nexus 5- Googles New Smart Phone is one of the upcoming trendy model which he will love to hold in his hand.

Men accessories:

Shaving kit, Latest Electronic Shaver, Leather belt or wallet, credit card or debit card companion, smart wrist watch are some of the daily accessories required by men. Choose the best available brand with exclusive features so that they keep it along with them and it will keep reminding them if they are away and out at work.

Personalized gift items:

Coffee mug, pair of wine glasses, pen, table clocks, calendars, can be personalized by imprinting some lovely messages and then gifted to be treasured by your boyfriend throughout his life.

Electronic gadgets or accessories:

Gadgets like I-phone headset, Aqua i-phone Waterproof case, wireless speakers, portable chargers, laptop accessories, car accessories are some of the common but most lovable and usable items that can be chosen and gifted.

Apparels or clothing accessories:

Shirts, T-Shirts, jackets, gloves, formal suit or informal blazer, ties bowties, trousers or clothing accessories like handcuffs are some of the items that can be presented on this occasion and will be classy addition to their wardrobe.

The choices are unlimited but the right decision needs to be taken so that it stands out to be a perfect one for him on this occasion.

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