Christmas is the festival of joy and giving. While you buy something for everyone, you can never afford to forget the man of your life, your father who has struggled and worked hard throughout to finance your necessities and luxuries sometimes even by cutting on his expenditure.

It might be somewhat difficult to finalize what to gift him, so choose the best one considering his age, personality, liking and interest. Some of the ideas are being shared to help you find the best one for your dad –

A greeting Card:

A card is the best gift to be presented to anyone. It might be simple and cheap but the best way to express your feelings be expressed through messages on this card. So this Christmas either create your own card or buy him the best one expressing his importance in your life.

Bake him a cake or cookies:

Bake him a cake on your own this Christmas and treat him like a king. Try out his favorite flavor so that he relishes it thoroughly. It is even said that Christmas is incomplete without a cake, so gift him a card or bouquet of flower along with this cake.

Photo album/collage:

Nostalgia factors plays a great role so prepare a handmade collage or buy a photo album and insert family photos from different occasion. Showcase your creativity by adding some personal comments beside these photographs. Wrap it beautifully with gift papers and present it. It will be a nice walk down the memory lane for him and the best gift on this occasion.

Latest version of mobile phone:

Your dad might be amongst the one who still uses the old version of mobile technology, so buy him the latest version and teach him to operate it. He might hesitate but will love to have new technology in his hand.

Music or Movie DVD”s:

Compile his favorite songs or movies from his olden days and prepare CD’s. It will be a great entertaining gift for him since it’s very rare to find the old songs or movie together in one CD. It will be a great feeling for him to listen to the songs of his golden days.


If your father likes to read then you buy him some book or novels. It is even said that books are the best friend. He will love to read those books.

Organize a tour for him:

Book tickets for some desired location for your dad. He has been working hard all through his life, so it’s time for you to payback and offer him some comfort by organizing a pleasure holiday for him. He will feel relaxed and enjoy the holiday and thank you for that.

Drink glasses:

Buy him his personal drinks glasses from reputed brand. It will be good gift for him.

Past time games:

If your dad is passionate about sports, you can even consider buying him some sports accessories or classic video game or some indoor games. He can have fun during his spare time with them.

Leisure accessories:

If you are well aware of his hobby, ift him something related to this. For instance if he has passion for gardening, you can buy him gardening tools.

Even though most of these items are common but the love and affection beneath them would surely bring a smile on his face.

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