Where would we have been without our mother? So Moms are always special for their child, so gift the special person of your life with something unique on this Christmas.

If not unique, select something that would be handy and personalize it to make it heart touching. A list of things that can be presented to your beloved mother have been compiled below to help you choose the best amongst the lot –

Personalized photo frame or photo frame:

Create a photo album or photo frame with photos of the family members with some notes on them. She will love to go through this album again and again and treasure it for the rest of her life as a precious gift. It will be a nice emotional and sentimental journey into the past with some memorable moments associated with them.

Bouquet of flowers with greetings and chocolates:

Your mother has always taken care of your desires and this year make her feel special with a bouquet of flower along with a greeting card to convey your gratitude and affection towards her. Treat her with the best sweet, chocolates. This will bring smile across her face.

Spa Kit:

Either gift a spa kit or take her to spa for a special treatment and make her feel pampered on this special day of the year. It will be relaxing and rejuvenating experience for her

Kitchenware’s or kitchen equipments:

Buy her the latest microwave bowls, drink glasses, serving bowls or trays, spice rack, tea cups or appliances like sandwich maker, coffee maker, cup cake or muffin maker and even a cook book would be handy gifts for her.

Gift items:

Christmas scented candles or some Christmas glass showpiece with personalized photograph or messages would make her feel cozy and assist you in expressing your  warm feelings for her.

Vinyl record player:

The classic looking music record player will be one of the best gifts for her and she will be able to tune in to some of her favorite records whenever she wishes to. She can connect well with the past golden days of her times and feel happy and rrefreshed with the old memorable moments.

Sewing manual:

Most of the motherly women like to sew in their spare times. If your mother has interest in stitching, this sewing manual would be helpful for her. She will be able to create her own designs and make masterpieces. She can even mend the old ones and give them a new look.

Jewellery/jewellery case:

A woman loves to wear jewellery, irrespective of age. Your mom is no exception. So you can buy her some elegant looking necklace or a pendant. Even a ring with the alphabet of the name engraved is not a bad idea to delight her. Apart from this you can also think about a jewellery case where she can collate all her precious jewels in one case.

Weekend outing:

Plan a weekend outing for her along with your father. It will be a nice relaxing holiday from the regular household chores. It will not only be a great surprise but a welcoming break for her. You can even think about organizing a dinner for her at some restaurant along with the entire family. It will be a great party and joyous time for her along with her lovable family on this happy occasion.

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