Have you been wondering how to go about wishing people this Christmas? Indeed, there are so many ways that we at times get befuddled with choices. It does not matter if you have a huge list of people to wish or a selected few, Christmas greetings needs to reflect the festive spirit and also convey the good wishes for the New Year that is round the corner.

We all love a warm Christmas greeting from our near and dear ones. That is something which adds on to the fun and merriment of the season.

If you have been thinking how to go about greeting your family, friends and acquaintances, we suggest you the following ways. You can read them and choose the one you like best.

Christmas Greetings Tips


Traditional Christmas Greetings

If it’s a set of senior relatives that you have to wish you can resort to traditional greetings methods. If they belong to the line of your immediate line of relatives, then perhaps you can add a little bit of personalization. Else, you can keep it formal and sweet.

Choose a Christmas card and write down a happy Christmas message and address it to the family concerned. You can quote in few lines from some famous poems too if you feel like. Put it in a gift bad. Add some bright flowers, cake, chocolates to it. It would be a good idea to get hold of a mini Bible and add it along with the gift.

If you do not get a pocket size Bible, or think its way too old fashioned, there is something else that you could do. You can take some art papers and pen down some of the best Christmas psalms and hymns on it. You can also add Christmas carols if you want to along with this.

If you want your Christmas gift basket to look stylish, attractive and classy add a bottle of port wine. Here you also need to be aware of the tastes and preferences of the person concerned whom you are gifting.

Modern Christmas Greetings

Modern day Christmas greetings gives you the scopes to personalize and add your own touch to it. If you are planning to share Christmas greetings with your family and dear friends, modern Christmas greeting ideas are apt. You can go all out with creative minds and share Christmas wishes with people. Given below are some of the options that you can choose from:-


  1. Personalized Photo Greetings – You can select any Christmas photo and have it framed in a wooden frame with a personalized Christmas message. This is ideal for your friends and beloved.
  2. Christmas Fortune Cookie Box- You can make these fortune cookies, and in each of them you can add a Christmas wish and share it with whoever you want to.
  3. Cakes and Wine – A Christmas basket with cakes and wine is one of the beautiful Christmas wish that you can share.
  4. Santa Goody Bag- This is idea for your little sibling. Get a Santa Goody bag and add a warm Christmas message and greeting to it. It sure would make them happy.

Creative ways of Christmas Greetings allows you to have a Christmas filled with joy and happiness.


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