Think about Christmas and you are sure to think about the dazzling lights that are used during the celebrations. Without the beautiful Christmas lights, Christmas would have lost much of its charm.

The Father of Electric Christmas tree Lights

It was in the year 1882 that Christmas lighting began. Edward H. Johnson, an assistant inventor to the great Thomas Alva Edison used eighty blue, red and white bulbs on his Christmas tree. Johnson’s action was dismissed as a publicity stunt by many newspapers. But a Detroit newspaper reported this incident and Johnson became famous. The tradition of using lights for Christmas decorations became popular. Johnson came to be considered as the Father of Electric Christmas Tree Lights.

Light bulb decorated Christmas tree in the White House

In 1895, the American President Grover Cleveland sponsored the first light bulb decorated Christmas tree in the White House. More than a hundred lights of various colors were used on this tree. It made the custom of Christmas lighting even more popular.

Electric lights began to be used for Christmas tree decorations

It was from this time that electric lights began to be used for Christmas tree decorations. By the end of the nineteenth century, many business houses started to display Christmas lights during the holidays. But electric lights were too costly for the average person. It was only after 1930 that common people of the U.S began to use them for Christmas decorations. As more and more electric lights began to be manufactured, the cost of lights came down. Ordinary people with ordinary incomes could afford these lights and use them for Christmas decorations.

The lights most preferred for Christmas lighting

Today, one cannot imagine Christmas celebrations without Christmas light decorations. The strings of lights displayed inside and outside of homes create a bright atmosphere for Christmas celebrations. These days, the lights most preferred for Christmas lighting are:

Incandescent light bulbs

The incandescent light bulbs are used to remind one of the Christmas lighting of the old days. They add a grand, elegant feeling to the celebrations.

Bubble lights

The ‘Bubble light’ consists of a sealed glass tube containing a bubbling liquid. It was invented by Benjamin Franklin.

LED lights

These are the new lights for Christmas decorations. LED means light-emitting diode. The LED lights are long lasting and come in different colors. Moreover, they consume much less energy than the other kinds of bulbs. Naturally, they are one of the most preferred lights for Christmas decorations today. With the fear of global warming constantly worrying the scientists, the use of LED lights is advised now like never before. Many people in the U.S have begun to use LED lights for their Christmas decorations.

Christmas light sculptures

Today, it is impossible to think about Christmas without thinking of Christmas lights. Every Christmas, you can see strings of lights decorating buildings, parks, restaurants, shops, trees and homes. Electric lights are also being used for Christmas light sculptures. Huge structures resembling Christmas shapes like reindeer or Santa are created by frames of wires. These are then decorated with numerous electric lights.

Do not stay out of the fun. Use lights to decorate your home on Christmas and have a big, bright celebration.

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