Christmas is the festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ with pomp and show. In this festival you tend to drown yourself in the various traditional activities.

Collecting varied Christmas ornaments is one of them. You search for interesting Christmas ornaments to beautify your Christmas tree.

Christmas tree decoration is said to be one of the most famous traditions of the festival of Christmas. Decorating your Christmas tree with some of the best and unique Christmas ornaments is one of the most important jobs especially for your children.

Some Common Christmas Ornaments:

Christmas tree decorations include some of the most common Christmas ornaments, which stand proudly on your tree, practically every year. Some of these ornaments for a Christmas tree include:

    • Bauble: This is a spherical decoration item which is used to decorate a Christmas tree. It is available in several colors. These Baubles come with special designs such as a baby Jesus design, the design of a cross and so on.


    • Star: Tiny stars made of glass, plastic or wood are used to adorn the Christmas tree. A main huge star stands proudly on the top of the tree or the apex of the tree denoting the leading star from the Christmas tale.


    • Bells: Cute bells are one of the most common ornaments for a Christmas tree. Colorful bells are hung on the Christmas tree. These too have spiritual link with the festival.


    • Artificial Snowflakes: Snowflakes too look beautiful when decorated in form of cotton, all over the tree. Such cotton made or soap bubble snowflakes look like real snow fall on the tree, which appears really beautiful.


    • Santa Clause: Cute Santa Clause pictures or dolls are adorned on the Christmas tree. Santa Clause is a favorite in Christmas tree decorations.


  • Animals: Animals too are decorated on the Christmas tree as a Christmas ornament. It is often one of the common choices when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree.

Unique Christmas Ornaments:

Apart from the most common Christmas ornaments which are chosen and preserved for further usage, there are some unique Christmas ornaments which appear as Christmas specials during this festival. Some of these are:

  • Hand Painted Christmas Balls
  • Elvis Christmas Ornament
  • Tabby Cat Ornament
  • Crystal Christmas Ornament
  • Gold colored dove accents, and so on.

Christmas Ornaments with Symbols:

Some of the interesting Christmas ornaments have symbolic significance. Some of these are:

    • The King’s Crown: The design symbolizes the royalty and the authoritative powers which come with it. It says Jesus to be the King of Jews as well as the King of Kings.


    • Ten Commandments with a Cross: The Ten Commandments with a cross represents the two testaments of New and the Old as well as ‘fulfillment of law’ by Jesus.


  • Cavalry Cross: The Cavalry Cross symbolizes the place of crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The steps here symbolize love, faith and hope. This cross is also known as the Graded Cross.

These and many more such ornaments for a Christmas tree decoration, symbolizes several major instances from the holy Bible.

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