As Christmas approaches every year, there is a mad rush for Christmas Party food ideas. And why not? The occasion is just incomplete without mouth-watering foods.

When you arrange for foods for Christmas party, you have to take care of several aspects. These are:

Foods to serve at Christmas party


Drinks are the first thing you have to serve to your party guests. Hot drinks include tea and coffee for adults and hot chocolate for kids. Cool drinks consist of beverages like cold coffee and lemonade. Enough provisions should also be made for alcoholic drinks like champagne, whiskey, scotch or vodka. Such drinks should be accompanied with snacks. It will be a really good idea to serve some espresso coffee at the end of the meal.


There must be something to build the appetite of your guests. Have dishes consisting of oysters, stuffed mushrooms, shrimps and turkey sliders in your menu. Your friends are sure going to love munching on these after all the games and dance rounds. Also keep some delicious soups like the hot favorite tomato soup or cucumber soup in your Christmas party food list. Pass these on trays so that you do not have to spend too much on appetizers.

Main dishes

It is the main dishes that make your Christmas menu. Have ample vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes in your party menu.

    • Vegetarian items – Vegetarian items can include items like baked beans, roasted vegetable and roasted potato dishes.


  • Non-vegetarian dishes – Non-vegetarian dishes may consist of roasted turkey or lamb dishes, grilled chicken and spiced meatballs.


These are served at the end of the meal. They are supposed to leave a sweet taste in the mouth and also in the mind. You can serve such sweet dishes as plum pudding, Chocolate Mousse or apple pie. It will be nice to arrange for two kinds of desserts. Dish out the Christmas cake at the end of the dinner.

What you must remember –

    • It is a good idea to know beforehand about all the vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians in your guest list. Make enough provisions for both types of guests. You do not want anyone to leave your party on an empty stomach, do you?


    • If possible, lay out the food items on a buffet so that your guests can pick and choose the dishes they want to eat. That way, you can avoid a lot of hassles and your guests will also be satisfied.


    • Ensure from before that the foods and drinks you are going to serve are suitable to the tastes of your invited ones.


  • Do not try making a new dish for your guests at home. The attempt may go wrong. Besides, it will drain a lot of your energy and you may find it hard to entertain your guests properly. If you really want to surprise your guests with your cooking skills, try making some recipes that you are adept at.

These basic tips are likely to be useful to you as you prepare your Christmas party food list. But it is ultimately you who can come up with better food ideas for Christmas party. Use your own thoughts and you can surely make this menu a better one. After all, it is you who know your guests the best, right? Have a wonderful Christmastime and a mouthwatering celebration.


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