Christmas is the time to throw a party, meet your friends and have fun. This is the occasion when there is an excited search for Christmas Party Games.

In fact, no Christmas party is complete without the invitees and the invited ones playing some wonderful games. So if you want to organize a Christmas bash this yuletide season, here are some game ideas for your Christmas party.

Party Game Ideas for Christmas

Musical Chairs

The “musical chairs” is a traditional party game. It is also an all-time favorite. If you are not familiar with the rules, these little instructions will help you understand the game.

    • Count the total number of players.


    • Place a number chairs in a circular manner in the middle of your party room. The number of chairs should be one less than the total number of players.


    • Place a music player on a table close by. Put a person in charge of the music.


    • Ask all the players to walk around the chairs as the music starts. As soon as the music stops, each of them should sit on any of the empty chairs. The person left standing should be declared out.


    • Start the music and begin the game.


    • Continue to play the game until only one player remains. Note that as each player gets out, you should also remove one chair to keep the game going.


    • Gift a candy box or any other small present to the player who lasts till the end.


Christmas Cookie Hunt

This is one of the most amusing Christmas party games. It is based on the Easter egg hunt. To play this game, you need to find cookies instead of eggs. The step by step directions will help you play the game very easily.

    • Buy or make a number of cookies at home.


    • Wrap each of the cookies with small gift papers.


    • Hide each of the wrapped cookies in different spots of the house (if that is your party venue). You can hide them under a lampshade or a table, behind a shelf or a picture or over the mantelpiece. It is best if you decide the hiding places on your own.


    • Ask each of the players to look for the hidden cookies within half an hour. The player who gets back with the most cookies wins the game. The other players can have the cookies that they find during their search.


Match the Candy Canes

This is one of the easiest games for Christmas party. But it is great to play too. All you need is some candy canes.

    • Buy a dozen or more candy canes.


    • Break each of the candy canes into half.


    • Place one half of the candy canes on a large tray over a table.


    • Keep the other halves on another tray.


    • Ask your guests to match the halved candy canes within 10 minutes. The player who manages to match the most number of candy canes wins the game.


These are some of the easiest party games for Christmas that require little preparations and resources. Play these fun filled Christmas party games and have an unforgettable Christmas bash.

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