Christmas is here and you are all set to throw a Christmas party for your family and friends. Have you decided your Christmas party theme? Well, Christmas party themes are the first thing, which you must decide about your Christmas party. There are many websites, where you can have plenty of unique and popular Christmas party themes.

You can adopt any of these ideas for your Christmas party in order to make it unforgettable for you and your guests. Given below are some Christmas party ideas, which can make your Christmas party different from others.

Christmas Ornament Party: It is an ideal party to throw for your pals. Mention in the invitations that the party is themed as an ornament party, so the guests can be prepared. Also ask your guests to bring one ornament along with them. Hire a Santa Claus and ask him to hand over one bag of ornament to every kid, present in the party. Ask your guest to put the ornaments on the Christmas tree, so that they can take part in Christmas decorations.

Christmas Forest Party: This is going to be a fun party for kids as well as adults. For this party, you have to bring a small but artificial Christmas tree, as the focal point of the party. Ask the children, present in the party, to decorate the tree with ornaments like ribbons, candles, bows, sprinkles etc. Make a tent and set an artificial forest with the Christmas tree. Ask each guest to bring their trees separately and place them under the tent.

Christmas Carnival party: You can gift your guests the joyride of a Christmas carnival in your Christmas party. Choose a Christmas carnival theme. Light up the entire party venue wildly to bring the carnival mood alive in the party. Ask the guests to turn up the party with colorful dresses. Scatter stars, springs of holly, and bells all around the party venue. You also can arrange a Christmas parade and invite your neighbors to join in. You can play a couple of Christmas games, which can keep the guests in party mood.

Christmas Chocolate Party: How about a Christmas chocolate party! Sounds yammy, isn’t it? Book a chocolate chef first. Arrange for the melted chocolate, dry fruits, cookies, pretzels etc, which can make it even tastier. Ask the guests to make their dish with the chocolates and given ingredients while ask the chef to help them to make their chocolates. After they make their chocolates, ask the chef to taste them in order to announce the winner. These chocolates can serve the purpose of your Christmas dessert.

Christmas Charitable party: How about a Christmas charitable party? It is not only one of the unique Christmas party themes, but also bears some social significance. You can invite a community, who work for the street children and for other social issues. Collect toys, food items, cloths etc and deliver these to the group, so that these articles can be used for a charity. You also can decorate Christmas parties for other, for example, for old age home or for orphanages.

Choose a Christmas party theme, decorate your party accordingly, and make it memorable for your guests and you as well.


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