With Christmas round the corner, you’d indeed like to decide on the Christmas School decorations well in time. Not only that the decorative items will take some time to be arranged/ prepared, it is important to choose them wisely such that they do not endorse or favor particular religious sentiments, unsuitable for school environment.

The nature of decoration you should prepare/ arrange will depend upon the purpose for which you need them. Depending upon whether you are planning a party around the Christmas theme or whether it is to decorate the classroom/ school reception for some weeks for the visitors to see, you’d need to plan the Christmas school decorations.


If you wish to throw a Christmas party, you would need some quick and colorful decoration ideas. You would need to give the entire room a vibrant look that may not last till next day. This can be easily arranged by decorating the room with fresh flowers as well as balloons, which otherwise cannot be used for lasting decorations.


Now, coming to what all items could be arranged/ prepared for Christmas school decorations on a more lasting basis, a number of bright and colorful items may come to mind including miniature Christmas tree, Christmas tree ornaments, snow flakes and stars, Mistletoes, Holly and Ivy, Santa Claus miniatures, red stockings, angles, lights, candles, wreaths, garlands and so on. Further, items can also be prepared in the kitchen to be used for Christmas school decorations, like cookies, pastries, pies and cakes.

Christmas Tree: Your Christmas School decorations cannot be complete without the Christmas tree. You can buy a artificial Christmas tree from the market together with some Christmas tree decorations, like ribbons, bells, fake gift packets, stars and colorful glass balls. You can place the Christmas tree near the front door and decorate it will all the colorful ribbons, bells, glass balls, stars and fake packets of gifts, you bought from the market.

Christmas Bell: You can find a wide variety of Christmas bells in the marekt in different sizes and sparkling colors. You can buy a few of these bells to suit your pocket and the size of the venue to be decorated (hall or room).

Santa Claus: From very tiny ones to decorate the Christmas tree to huge sized to decorate a corner of the room or be put at the front door, you’ll find the markets full of various sizes of miniatures of Santa Claus.

Socks: As per popular belief, red socks are the little bags inside which Santa leaves gifts for the young children. So, a row of differently decorated red socks hung along the window frame or tug on the wall will give the interior decor a definite Christmas feel. You can decorate red socks at home or buy them from the market, again available in different sizes for various price brackets.


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